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Easy@Home: Bluetooth Scale & Thermometer

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Easy@Home Scale & Thermometer
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Easy@Home Products

Easy@Home is a company out of Illionois that specializes in providing solutions in healthcare ranging from Pregnancy Tests to Drug Tests to Digital Scales, thermometers and oximeters, and more.

Their products are high quality solutions for your everyday needs.

Easy@Home Bluetooth Digital Scale

Easy@Home Digital Scale

There's An App For That?!?

These days, it's hard to imagine a life "Pre-Apps".  Apps have become a way of life for many of us.  There are many apps that have been designed to make our lives easier.  Now there is an app for keeping up with your weight that helps you to calculate your BMI and other health items affiliated with your weight.

Find The App on Google Play Store & Apple's iTunes:
EasyHomeScale on iOS
EasyHomeScale on Play Store

EasyHomeScale: App Set-Up
Set-Up is SIMPLE and done from you Phone or Tablet!
 Unlike a lot of digital scales where you have to program the actual scale, this scale you can program your profile from your connected device (must first download the app!).  After you've installed the app onto your device it's super easy to upload your profile.

The app will ask you for your name, gender, which unit of measurement to use, birthday, height and also your level of fitness activity!

As you can see from my own profile, I am no extremely active (I probably needed a less than ordinary option, however that wasn't an option).


EasyHomeScale App SyncingOnce you have your app opened and are standing on the device it gets to work!  Now, when I was trying to connect my device from the Bluetooth menu, it said that my app wasn't compatible.  However, upon opening the app and also standing on my scale, it go to working immediately!  I didn't have to hit a sync button or anything!

 Once it's finished syncing with your device, it will prompt you to accept the incoming data.

As you can see to the right side, this is what the app calculated based on the information I provided during the set up and after weighing!

Now, I'll be REAL honest here, I have NO CLUE what half of these items mean..  That's ok, because your app can help you understand all these things also!!

EasyHomeScale App: Information at your fingertips

EasyHomeScale:  Information
I LOVE that this app has "Dummy" instructions for someone like myself, who has no clue what half of these things mean!
But, hopefully, now that I have this app and scale I can actually learn more about what these things mean and try to get myself healthier!

Overall Thoughts

I have had quite a few scales I've had the privlege to try this year.  And while, each have had their own unqiue benefits, I have to say that this particular scale has far exceeded any expectations I have had.

It's been the most easy to set up and use! It goes above and beyond providing the extra information about your BMR, BMI and Bone and all the other information this app provides.  It truly is by far the easiest to work! Other scales I've wanted to beat my head against the wall trying to get it to know the difference between myself and my daughter.  Now, all we have to do is set up profiles for each of us and have the app open to our own profiles when we use the scale!

I like that I can have multiple profiles on my app and just change it with a couple clicks!  In order to add multiple users to your app, 1) Click on Settings 2) Click on your name 3) Click on the Plus sign to add a new profile / user

Easy@Home Infrared ThermometerEasy@Home Digitial Thermometer

amzn.to/1v6dBBY on Amazon 

The Easy@Home Thermometer, is so much more than just a regular thermometer!  With three different modes, this thermometer can give you the current temp in your home, as well as taking your child's temperature!

Unfortunately, just today I had to use this.  Every year for the passed three years my daughter has come down with the flu or something each Christmas.  This Christmas we were so hoping it would not come back to haunt her, but we weren't quite so lucky.

I woke up to a sick child and upon franticly running around to try to find a thermometer, I finally remembered this little gadget being on my Review Shelf.  Thank GOD!  Unfortunately, it only confirmed what I already knew, that she DID in fact have a fever.

Easy@Home: No Touch Thermometer


You know, when your sick and you have a sore throat, the last thing you want to do is stick a thermometer under your tongue for any length of time.  So, the fact that we now have this handy gadget in which we can take temps without touching the "Sick" person, really does help out!

All I did was pick the Mode: Body and then hit the scan button and I was quickly and painlessly able to get my daughter's temperature.  Nothing could have been easier!

Had I needed to see the temperature in the room , I would have simply chosen the Room Mode instead!  It really is a handy little gadget to have!

** Please Note:  I received this item for review purposes.  However, like ALWAYS my thoughts and opinions are 100% HONEST and my own@

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