Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GIVEAWAY ALERT: A Greener Kitchen Apron

A Greener Kitchen: Apron Review & Giveaway
A Greener Kitchen Apron
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A Greener Kitchen:

Behind the Apron: A Look at a Greener Kitchen's Story

Lacey Lybecker was raised around simple and wholesome foods.  Raised in a family steeped in traditions of using fresh ingredients, combined with growing up and watching her mother grow her own business, Lacey took the two worlds and combined them to start her own company: A Greener Kitchen.

As the founder of A Greener Kitchen, Ms. Lybecker partnered with her mom's sewing manufacturing company to create a company with a focus on Quality, Fair Trade items made with organic materials.  The company focuses on producing top quality organic cotton kitchen textiles.  They use one of the few eco-friendly textile artisans to create items from fair trade certified organic cotton.  

They are part of Green America Approved Business.

Choices, Choices, Choices....

With several gorgeous patterns to choose from, A Greener Kitchen offers a wide array of beautiful products that are sure to turn your ordinary kitchen into a stylish haven.  From pot holders to aprons, they offer gorgeous, stylish items to accessoriese your kitchen and leave your friends green with envy.

NOW About My Apron:

A Greener Kitchen: Apron (Whispering Grass B&W Print)
Beautiful & Bold Print!
For starters, this apron is absolutely insanely GORGEOUS!  I love the vivid Black & White print! It's an eye catcher, for SURE!!!  

The design of this apron is also extremely funtional!  With the collar of the apron, it's super easy to take on and off without having to find someone to grab and ask to tie it up.  The only downside to the design is, being a little bit of a skinny person, it's a tad looser and lower than what I'd like, but not extremely so.  It's still beautiful on and it's not so low that it's not functional or pretty on.

I love the placement of the pocket.  Not only is it super convenient, it's also HUGE!  And so you can slide tons of stuff inside this one little pocket!  I love the wide trim on the pocket!  It's insanely GORGEOUS!

The backside of this apron ia just as gorgeous as the front is!  I love the tie strings and the black trim edging!  It really makes it pop and makes whomever is wearing it feel like a throwback to a 50's era housewife.

I love wearing this around the house when I'm cleaning, etc.  I am so scared to mess this gorgeous apron up, that I actually haven't used it for cooking.  Perhaps I'll try it when baking sometime, but I use a lot of cooking oil, etc and I always, ALWAYS find it all over me.  I do NOT want to mess my gorgeous apron up!

It would be great for holiday parties or whatever that you might be hosting at your home.  You are sure to stand out and make everything look super easy donning this super fab apron!  Your guests will picture you as having it all together!


This giveaway has been highly anticipated since folks saw it on my Facebook page!  It's FINALLY here!!

Enter to win YOUR OWN apron!  I promise, it own't be my stinky apron!  The winner will get their very own new and shiny apron!!

A Greener Kitchen Apron Giveaway

A Big thanks to our sponsor:  A Greener Kitchen for providing this apron for review and offering my readers this fabulous giveaway!!

** I received this item for review purposes.  However, my thoughts and opinions are 100% MY OWN and honest!


  1. I don't wear an apron because I don't have one but would love to add one in my kitchen :)


  3. I don't usually use aprons but this one is beautiful!