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Getting Organized: Makeup Organization

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Getting Organized: Makeup Beauty Organizers

 Getting Organized: 

Organization Solutions for Your Beauty Items

Acrylic Drawer Makeup Organizer from AmazonA year ago I could have easily fit all of my "Beauty" Products in one small makeup bag.  Seriously, NO JOKE.  I was just not that into makeup and I definitely didn't have ANY skincare products.  However, I've since changed my tune in regards to both makeup and to skincare.  I used to honestly think that skincare was some kind of scam with the beauty industry just trying to raid our wallets, that they didn't truly work.

However, back in the spring time I made my first purchases of high end makeup and have since purchased TONS of makeup.  I also have subscribed to a ton of beauty subscription boxes which has also helped add to my overflowing collection of beauty products.

You should have seen my bathroom BEFORE I purchased my organizers!  It was overflowing to the max.  This still doesn't show you all the items that I have in boxes and another shelf that sits on my bathroom floor that holds the products that I'm not currently using.

I thought with the New Year, New You series I'm currently working on, that this would be a perfect time to discuss Organizing your bathroom or "Beauty Stuffs".

  The Bath Outlet:  Rainbow Line

The Bath Outlet: Rainbow Line Makeup Organizer
So, it was probably this organizer that got me to wanting to have all my makeup organized and have my counter all pretty with these organizers.  I was thrilled with the chance to review this makeup organizer from the folks at The Bath Outlet!

The Rainbow Collection from TheBathOutlet.com is actually an imported Italian Collection by Gedy.  All the pieces in the Rainbow Collection are made with thermoplastic resin.  These are high quality pieces and made from quality materials!

They actually have a variety of products in the Rainbow Line from mirrors to these makeup organizers to garbage cans, just about any bathroom accessory you could think of or need, you can find at TheBathOutlet.com

 One Organizer Becomes TWO:

See this on TheBathOutlet.com: Makeup Organizer: TheBathOutlet.com
The Bath Outlet:  Organizer into Two OrganizersSo, while the organizer from The Bath Outlet is completely perfect as it is, I just honestly needed an organizer in which to store my palettes and felt that if I seperated this organizer, I could have the best of both worlds!  So far I've really enjoyed this storage solution!  I have the perfect place to store my lippy's and concealers and other items in the Purple Part and then using the other piece for my big shadow palettes!  

The Bottom Piece from the Bath Outlet OrganizerAs you can see, the bottom piece of the organizer from "The Bath Outlet" works perfectly for my eye shadow palettes!  These aren't small palettes!  
The palettes in this picture: Urban Decay Vice 3, Urban Decay Naked 3, Urban Decay Mariposa, Coastal Scents Revealed 2, and Too Faced Natural palette.

If purple isn't quite your color, no worries, you can find a variety of colors on TheBathOutlet.com's site.  As you can see if you were to purchase this makeup organizer, you have a couple of options as to how you can use it!  I seriously am in love with this organizer!!

Acrylic Organizers Purchased From Amazon:

Acrylic Organizer on Amazon

Acrylic Organizer: From AmazonI guess it was back in late November or early December when a friend on Facebook alerted us to this awesome deal on Amazon.  The organizers themselves were like $5 each and then shipping was $8.95, so if you purchased three at the same time you only were paying maybe $24 for all three because you only got the shipping charge once!  The price has since gone up to $13 for the same organizers, so I'm really glad I took the plunge when I did!!

Perfect Size for Most All My Makeup Stuffs

While these drawers aren't going to hold my eyeshadow palettes, or huge items, they are sufficient in storing most all of the other items.  My brushes, single shadows, sample packets, liners, etc. all fit perfectly inside the drawers!

Easier To Grab:

Since I've organized my makeup, it truly is so much easier to find everything when I'm getting ready.  My beauty routine has easily been cut in half, because prior to getting this storage system, it was trying to remember which box I had stored what in.

Everything Has a Place

Brushes: Storage Solutions
Brush Drawer
Now it's super easy to put all my liners together, all my brushes, etc.  I still haven't set it up PERFECTLY for my needs, but it's going to be a process to learn what set up is easiest for my daily needs.  I like having all of my liners in one consolidated area and all of my primers, etc.

Storage Solutions:  Liners all in one spot
All Liners in ONE Spot!
I've also found that for my skincare items that are too large, the tops of the drawers make the perfect spot for those items!

Blushes, concealers & More
Bronzers, Blushes, Concealers in ONE Drawer!

Organize For The Way You Live

We all have our little quirks.  The thing about organizing things, we all may have different solutions that will work differently for our unique personalities and the way we live.  So, there's really no right or wrong when your organizing, as long as it works for you then your good.

How Do You Organize?

How do you keep all of your makeup and skincare organized?

***  Please Note:  I received one or more of these products for review purposes.  However, the thoughts and opinons expressed here are my own and 100% honest.

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