Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuna Squish: Mess Free Tuna

Tuna Squish: Tuna Opener

No More Stinky Hands....

Love Tuna??  Hate the tuna mess??  Now there is an easy and convenient way to open your tuna without getting tuna all over you!

This handy little Tuna Opener is made precisely for opening jars of tuna!  I can't personally stand tuna.  It just icks me out, so this was actually a gift for my step-dad who LOVES his tuna!  He absolutely LOVES this thing!  He was really thrilled when I gave it to him.

Besides being a great way to open your tuna without getting the icky stuff all over you, it's also SUPER cute!!

I apologize that I don't have more pictures to show you, unfortuntaely, I've lost my memory card that I had a ton of pictures stored on and so I've got a lot of photos that I've lost.  Normally I would just retake the picture, but that was a tad hard to do since the item in question is about oh 60 miles away from me at this moment!!

Tuna Squisher
Please Note:  I received this product for review purposes

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