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Valdler Yoga Bra: Product Review

Valdler Yoga Bra: Asics

Valdler Yoga Bra

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Valdler Yoga Bra

Valdler Yoga Bra: Back I have always had an extremely hard time finding a good sports bra.  Being blessed in the "Chest" department can most times be a curse.  Most start sagging and don't really give a ton of support.  The material can be unforgiving at best.

HOWEVER, that's not what I have found with the Valdler Yoga Bra.  The first thing that I was thrilled to discover was that this was actually an Asics brand bra, from the listing I wasn't at all prepared for a high quality branded bra!  So, I was obviously pleased with discovering that my newest bra was made by Asics, a brand well known for their sportswear.

QUALITY:  The material is sturdy enough to hold up the "sisters", yet it allows the material to "Breathe" so that your boobs don't feel like a sweat factory.
Valdler Yoga Bra: Try On
THE FIT:  The fit is actually great.  I'm about a 34C and my daughter is a 36D - DD and it fits us both well (Although clearly it fits her a tad more snuggly).  I wore it to play badminton and was extremely impressed with the comfort and the support I found while wearing it!!

Valdler Yoga Bra: Try On SideSTYLE:  I am really pleased with not only the functinoality of this bra, but also the style.  It's a beautiful bra and I love the gray and black contrasting colors.  It really is nicely designed.  I love the back of the bra as well.

I had no problems sliding it on and off.  Some sports bras can be like playing tug of war, but not the case with this bra at ALL!!

Valdler Yoga Bra: Try On BackOverall, I'm highly impressed with the quality of the Valdler Yoga Bra and would definitely be more than pleased to recommend it to my readers.  It's a 5 Star all the way!

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**  I received this product for review purposes.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own!

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