Friday, October 9, 2015

CopperJoint Compression Sleeve: A Review

CopperJoint Compression Sleeve: Elblow

CopperJoint Elbow Sleeve

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CopperJoint Compression Sleeve:  The Elbow

CopperJoint Sleeve: Elbow
First, let me say that I, myself don't wear these or use them.  My husband who has worked manual labor jobs his whole life is the one who tests these products out.

He was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this particular sleeve.  He said that the fit is unlike any other sleeves he's tested before.  Other sleeves tend to slide down or ride up and this one stays in place all day long.

He said it's helped with the numbing in his fingers that he experiences due to a nerve in his arm.  He doesn't experience the numbing or tingling sensation whilst wearing the sleeve.

The fit he says is absolutely perfect.  It's comfotable and  doesn't leave him itching as other sleeves in the past have done.

Shaun can't speak highly enough of this sleeve.  When asked what he would rate it, he said DEFINITELY five stars.  

I trust my husband's opinion and so I definitely would recommend this for anyone in the market for compression sleeves.  They have other types in addition to the elbow sleeve as well.

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