Monday, November 16, 2015

AmWell: Virtual Doctor Appt PLUS COUPON CODE

Amwell:  Online Doctor Visit

Amwell:  Doctor Visit's Made Easy

This is a sponsored post with Mum's The Word Network & Amwell.  
All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own.

Amwell:  What it is

Amwell is a convenient service for providing healthcare from the convenience of your home, car or work.

They have Board Certified Doctors on call 24/7 so scheduling has never been easier!

Cost:  A single doctor visit (with no insurance) is $49
(There are some providers listed that cover these visits, so check to make sure you don't have a doctor listed)

A Visit:

I don't discuss it much, but I suffer from severe bouts of depression as well as social anxiety.  I most likely also suffer from anemia as well as vitamin deficiency, I say MOST LIKELY because due to my anxiety it prohibits me from actually getting out and going to the doctor to receive the proper care that I should be getting.

So for me, a service like Amwell is a heaven send.  The price of $49 is not much more than my co-pay would be to go and see a "physical" doctor.

My Amwell Experience

First Step:  Choose Your Doctor

Choices, Choices, Choices: Amwell Available Doctors

Upon creating an account (which was super easy and quick- about 2 minutes), there was a brief update I had to perform on my computer so that my Video on my laptop could be updated to work with the Amwell system.

I then came to this screen that had a list of Doctors available ONLINE at that moment as well as different Specialties I could choose from.

I have been suffering from severe exhaustion and depression and so I chose Medical and chose Ms. Lisa Thompson.

After I had chosen a Doctor, I then went through a few more screens: 

First, the reason for your visit, then it had me select my pharmacy, and then finally it asked for payment (I used a coupon code - which I will share later in the post)

Reason for Visit: Amwell
A short summary asking for the reason for your visit

Amwell Payment Screen

Waiting has never been so relaxing... Amwell Waiting Room

I didn't actually take a screenshot of my visit with the doctor, I didn't want the doctor to be wondering why in the heck I'm fooling with my computer during our visit (She didn't know I was "reviewing" the site).

The "Technical" Aspects:

So, technically speaking, with regards to the ease and use of the Amwell system; I have to say that it is a 5 Star process.  It was super easy to sign up and to go through the process.  It's easy to search to see if your insurance provider is listed with Amwell.

They also have an iPad app as well, so that makes it even easier if you are traveling and need to see a doctor!

My Thoughts:

I really like this service and can honestly say that I can forsee myself using this service in the future.  The price is just too good to not use it in the future.  I believe my copay is $40 to go and see a doctor through my network with my insurance, so $9 more isn't bad considering the convenience and ease of the service.

Now, clearly, you aren't going to be able to see a virtual doctor for EVERYTHING.  During this visit, we discussed my having severe exhaustion (I've been sleeping from 12-18 hours a day) and so in order to really seek help I am going to have to go in to a doctor to have bloodwork done to check for physical causes for my symptoms.

For busy mom's who just barely have time to stop and think for two minutes everyday, this service really could be a life saver!  With a doctor basically on call at any given time, 

the Amwell App is also the first telehealth platfrom to be integrated with Apple's Health app, which can make your visits more effective giving your DR more in depth knowledge of your personal history.

Your FREE visit:

Want to schedule a DR visit today?  For FREE??

Sign Up:  Amwell
Use Coupon Code:  CARENOW13 for your free Dr. Visit

For those who are uninsured or have a high copay, the $49 visits are certainly affordable!!

Your Thoughts:

Have you had experience using telehealth apps or sites?  What are your thoughts?

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