Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Soggy Cereal? No MORE! - OBOLCEREALBOWLS #ObolCo

Try - Obol Cereal Bowls

Obol Cereal Bowls
Obol Cereal Bowls - (Image from Obol)
From Obol:

Cereal Never Gets Soggy!
"It's the champion of breakfast bowls" - a quote from ABC NEWS!

Obol "The Original Crispy Bowl" made in the USA is the favorite for cereal lovers around the world. Originally inspired by a playground slide, its Spiral Slide Design changed the mundane cereal bowl into an everyday kitchen sensation. 

The pleasure of eating cereal at the table, while watching TV or even is bed is easy,
All you do is, Swoop n Scoop crispy cereal... your way, your pace.

No More Soggy Cereal!
I can't wait to try the Obol Cereal.  If it's one thing that I cannot stand, it's soggy cereal!  It just doesn't feel right in my mouth!  This is perfect for me.  It's how I eat yogurt, adding a tad granola at a time!  My husband will be so excited that I have a neat and clean way to eat my yogurt & granola without making a mess everywhere!!

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See the Obol as featured on "The Chew"

  ** I have not tested or tried this product.**

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