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Spice Lab: Spice up the Season #HolidayGiftGuide2015

The Spice Lab: A Gift Idea for Foodies #SassyHolidays

The Spice Lab

A #SassyHolidays Gift Idea

Who They Are:

The Spice Lab is a "newbie" in the Gourmet Food Arena.  Based out of Florida, The Spice Lab is a
The Spice Lab: A Gourmet Sea Salt "Cooking Inspiration"
"woman owned" & family operated business.  As odd as it may sound, the business got it's start somewhat in the tech field...  A homemade gift in 2009 would set in motion the path to what is today, "The Spice Lab".

Brett Cramer, a technology entrepreneur, had discovered a love for gourmet Sea Salt and wanted to share that passion with his friends and family.  Also an amateur in woodworking, Cramer handcrafted a beautiful wooden base and used test tubes to fill with exotic sea salts from all over the globe.  What started out as perhaps just a little hobby and a fun and unique "Gift Idea', his wife Jennifer saw Brett's "Project" and thought perhaps this little hobby would make a pretty interesting business.

Jennifer, with a background in interior design helped to shape the company's unique packaging & products.  Brett sold his dot.com business and joined his wife, Jennifer full time at The Spice Lab, helping to nurture and build it into a bigger scale.  

More Than Just Salt...

The Spice Lab may have first been created because of a passion of Gourmet Sea Salt, but it's since evolved to include a huge variety of other items for your cooking needs.

From Special Blended Seasonings to Seasonal Teas to Salt Plates to SO much more, I'm telling you, head to their site and just browse and you'll quickly find yourself NEEDING things you never knew existed before, much less knew you needed.  The products featured on "The Spice Lab" are perfect for the person in your life who loves tinkering in the kitchen or on the BBQ, it also can help reignite a lost passion for those who may have lost their love for cooking.

My Thoughts:

The Spice Lab: Gorgeous Packaging & Attention to DetailSo, I have to say, I try to be as neutral as I can when I'm presenting a "Gift Guide".  Yet, I'm going to be honest, this is truly one of my very favorite gifts that I'm featuring this holiday season.  They definitely got it right as far as presentation goes.  I'm a SUCKER for packaging.  I love unique and interesting packaging.  To me, it speaks volumes in regards to the company's passion and care when you see them thinking of every small minuscule details.  

When I see that a company has put money into the small details, it let's me know that they CARE about the customer.  They want it to be more than selling a product, they want to give you an "Experience" and that's exactly what receiving this package was, an experience.

I felt kinda bad, I live in an extremely small home and I'm not the best homemaker in the world.  At any given time you have to practically climb over mountains of clothing, or other various items along your path.  So, a lot of times I'll take products over to my mother's to take pictures.  I felt so bad taking this over there and hearing her oooh and aaah over this, my parents have recently sparked a love for experimenting in the kitchen and so this is something that would be PERFECT for them!  Both her and my step-dad were extremely impressed with The Spice Lab.  
The Spice Lab "Condiment" Samples
I "Gifted" these samples to my parents...  Ain't I sweet??

(I was a nice daughter and gave her the small Condiment sized samples to try).

The Spice Lab: Product Information Card
Product Information Card: Spice Lab

More About The Spice Lab & Their Products:

Just about any "Gourmet" ingredient you can think up, they have it.  From truffles & saffron to gift sets for the "wanna-be" bartender in your life, they have a huge HUGE variety of gift ideas.

If you are looking for unique special blended spices by the jar, they have that too.  I encourage you to head to their site and check them out!

Their Salt Samplers (As seen here) start out at $24.95 and goes up to $89.95.  The sampler pictured here, I believe is priced at $39.95.

To Checkout The Spice Lab "Sea Salt Sampler":

To Checkout The Spice Lab "Gift Collections":

Your Thoughts:

I'd love to hear from you!  Have you tried gourmet salts or spices?  DO you have anyone in your family who would love this?

I know that on my "Wish List" is a "Salt Plate" and man they also have some gorgeous serving ware as well.  

Thanks for checking out "The Spice Lab" Sea Salt Sampler found in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

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  1. I love the packaging. I would probably use only a few things out of the kit as I can't eat spicy things. Nice post.