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Savannah Bee Compnay: Honey Lotion

Savannah Bee Company:  Honey Lotion Set

Savannah Bee Company

A SassyHolidays Gift Idea

I first heard of Savannah Bee Company a few months back, when I was lucky enough to win a giveaway and had the chance to try out their products first hand.  I was immediately impressed and obsessed with the little bee company.

With a variety of products from artisan honey to bath & body products, their products are made with, well I guess you could guess:  Bee Honey...  

A Little Background

Savannah Bee Honey Lotion
One of the things that I enjoy most about the opportunity to try new brands and products, is learning the history of the brands that I'm reviewing for.  I love to hear success stories, as a wannabe entrepreneur it always gives me hope to hear such moving success stories and helps me to appreciate the products that much more.

Savannah Bee Company was started officially in 1999.  Ted Dennard was first introduced into the world of beekeeping 35+ years ago, when an elder beekeeper first introduced Dennard to the world of bees.  

You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about bees & honey on their site here: Learn about Bees

Savannah Bee Co. Honey Lotion

Made with Beeswax & honey among other natural ingredients, this lotion not only will soothe your dry cracking feet, elbows or just help to moisturize your skin, they also come in a variety of delectable scents that is pleasing to your senses.  They also have an "Unscented" lotion for those who are sensitive to scented products.

Savannah Bee Co. Honey Lotion

My Thoughts:

I seriously want to try every product that Savannah Bee has on their site.  I'm dying to try their honey!!  These lotions are so unbelievably creamy and truly do make your skin feel so nice!  I have seriously huge issues with dry skin.  I used to have the softest skin as a teen and in my twenties, but it's like I hit thirty and BAM dry skin and psoriasis became issues for me.  

This honey lotion helps to moisturize my problematic skin, while it's extremely moisturizing, it's not so thick and heavy that I feel as if I've just slathered a bucked of lard on my skin.  I personally love scented products, but I understand not every feels the same.  Even the scented lotions aren't heavily scented, but have just a hint of a scent.  They smell wonderful but aren't overpowering at all!!

Where to Buy:

Shop Savannah Bee Company "Gifts for Her": Click- Here

Options, Options, Options

Savannah Bee Co. has a ton of options for gift ideas.  You can find a gift for just about everyone on your gift list this Christmas!

Checkout their Holiday Specials:

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