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Ring in the New Year @ Sephora

Sephora: Holiday 2015
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Holiday 2015: Shopping @ Sephora

Christmas at Sephora: Holiday 2015

A Guide to Shopping Sephora: Holiday Season 2015

Christmas is upon us. So many people receive gift cards or cash as gifts and so I thought that after Christmas was a great time to have a guide to give you ideas of how to spend that extra "Christmas" cash or to buy belated Christmas gifts for your family.

You know, Sephora isn't just for girls.  There are plenty of gift ideas that are suitable for men or even ladies who aren't necessarily "into" makeup.

The LEGAL mumbo jumbo:
** Disclaimer:  I received one or more of the products featured in this post for review purposes.
** Disclaimer:  There are one or more referral and or affiliate links contained in this post.

BEFORE You Shop:

Ebates - Get Cash Back!First, before you even THINK of doing any online shopping, you should make sure that you are a part of Ebates!  If you don't know what Ebates is, checkout my post about Ebates here: Click HERE.
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CHRISTMAS GIFT CARDS: Stuck with a GC you won't use?

Got a gift card for Christmas? Do you know that there are now sites where if you don't want the gift card you received or would rather have cash or a gift card for a different store there are sites where you can exchange your current gift card for cash or a different store!  So, if you do have a GC and would rather get one say to, Sephora, be sure to search for applicable sites where you can exchange your cards!

Sephora: A Shopping Guide to Holiday Shopping at Sephora

Before I begin, the products in this guide are products that I was fortunate enough to receive myself from Sephora.  It was a huge blessing to get this opportunity as I am a HUGE makeup junkie and am far too poor to afford to be able to support my unhealthy habit.

I wanted to do a "review" type post, but with this many products it was just no feasible.  I'll be doing reviews later on a few of the products listed below.  Let me know in the comments if there are any specific products you would like to see reviewed later on!

Hair:   Because your hair deserves the best

GHD Limited Edition: Arctic Gold Series Flat Iron
HIGH END Product:
This is the most expensive product on the list.  But it's oh so, so gorgeous!

GHD: Flat Iron
Price:  $225.00
Link: ghd LE Artic Gold Flat Iron
Category:  HAIR

GHD: Arctic Gold Series Limited Edition Flat Iron
The ghd LE Arctic Gold Flat Iron features a Roll UP bag & a Heating Mat to set your flat iron on!
GHD: Arctic Gold Series Flat Iron

Living Proof | Happy Hair Days Gift Set

Living Proof | Happy Hair Days
Holiday Gift Set:  
Price: $32
Category:  HAIR

Skincare | Products to Nurture Your Skin

First Aid Beauty | Holiday 2015 Gift Set

First Aid Beauty | Holiday 2015 Gift Set
Price: $59
Sold at: Sephora.com 
Category:  SKINCARE

Kate Sommerville | Melrose Place (Holiday 2015)

Kate Sommerville | Melrose Place
Holiday 2015 Gift Set
Price:  $85
Link:  Kate Sommerville | Melrose Place
Category: SKINCARE


Buxom: Don't Miss a Beat Lip Gloss Set (Holiday 2015)

Buxom | Don't Miss A Beat Set

Holiday Gift Set
Price: $32
LINK: Buxom | Gift Sets on Sephora

Clinique Chubby Stick: Holiday Gift Set
Clinique Chubby Stick Holiday Gift Set - $25

CLINIQUE | Chubby Stick Set
Holiday Gift Set (2015)
PRICE:  $25
LINK: Clinique | Lipstick

Clinique | Chubby Stick Set

Clinique | Chubby Stick Set


Eyeshadow Chubby Stick
Blush Chubby Stick
3 Lip Balm Chubby Stick:
(Intense, Regular, Baby Tint)

Bite Beauty| Mix & Mingle Lipstick

BITE Beauty
Mix & Mingle 
Price:  $13
Link: Bite| Mix & Mingle Lipstick

Sephora Lip Gel & Sephora: Kiss Me Balm

Sephora Lip Gel & Kiss Me Balm

PRICE: $14
Sephora Lip Gel

32 Shades to choose from

PRICE:  $5- $8
LINK:  Kiss Me Balm

9 Colors to choose from


Too Faced | La Grand Palais - Holiday Collection 2015

Too Faced | La Grand Palais - Holiday Collection 2015

Too Faced | La Grand Palais
Holiday Gift Set
Price:  $49
Link:  Too Faced
Too Faced | La Grand Palais - Holiday Collection 2015


  • 18 Eyeshadows
  • 2 Blushes
  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer

Too Faced | Bon Bons Palette

Too Faced | Bon Bons Chocolate Palette

Price:  $49

This wasn't actually one of the items taht I received, but it's actually on my MUST BUY list and so, I thought I would throw it in this list.  I've had the opportunity to try Urban Decay, Too Faced among many others and my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (The Original) is probably my favorite palette I've ever owned.  I cannot wait to get the chance to try out the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette!
Too Faced | Bon Bons Palette


Atelier | Azur Collection

Atelier Cologne | Collection Azur
Holiday Gift Set
PRICE: $25
Link: Atelier Cologne | Azur Collection
Category:  Perfume

Four Travel Sized Perfumes 
Sample four different scents from Atelier Cologne
Sephora Makeup Brushes 2015 Holiday Gift Set

Sephora | Holiday Brush Set
Holiday Gift Set 2015
Price:  $85
Link: Sephora
Category: Beauty Tools

Formula X | Bottle Service Gift Set

Formula X | Bottle Service Set
Holiday 2015 Gift Set
Price:  $36.50     $22 SALE PRICE
Link:  Formula X | Bottle Service Set


I was so so excited to get this treasure trove of goodies from Sephora.  I don't make a lot of money from blogging and so it's through my reviews that I'm able to provide gifts for my friends and family which is what this Sephora Haul enabled me to do.

I wasn't ALL giving.  There were a few things that I kept for myself.  I kept the Too Faced palette (I know that was a bit greedy of me, but it had been on my wish list!), the Bite Beauty lipstick & The Clinique Lipstick set.  My daughter got a few things as well, including the Formula X Bottle Service Kit, she's a nail junkie and so there was never any doubt who that would go to.

I think among these products, the items that really stood out to me the most were:

ghd Flat Iron | Arctic Gold Series - It's just absolutely stunning.  Although I rarely put a tool to my hair, it was extremely tempting to keep just because it's so gorgeous!

Formula X Bottle Service Kit - It's such cute packaging as well as includes a wide variety of colors to try, perfect for someone who has never tried the brand before.

First Aid Beauty Kit - I've heard wonderful things about this brand, so this was a standout for me because it was a great value with the combination for products included.

Too Faced | La Grand Palais - I'm obsessed with Too Faced.  They have such adorable packaging and their eyeshadows are so pigmented!  This was a great set having 18 eyeshadows, plus two blushes, a Melted, a Mascara and a bronzer and highlighter PLUS shadow primer!!  This was definitely the best value, in my opinion!

Sephora Holiday Brush Set-  This is a gorgeous gift set and the brushes are super soft!!  I love the little sparkly stand that's included with this.  Anyone would be thrilled to get this as a gift.


I'd love to hear from you!

What were your favorites out of this list?  What was your favorite gift this Holiday season?

Will you be using your Christmas Money on Makeup items this year??

Sephora: Holiday 2015

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