Monday, June 9, 2014

Birchbox - April

Ok this was my second ever Birchbox.  I can't seem to find the images from my first Birchbox, so we'll talk 
about this box.  I was slightly pleased with this box.  It wasn't anything that just totally jumped out at me.  I received the Yogini by Harvey Prince sample and it just wasn't my type of fragrance.  I ended up including it in an order.  

The one saving grace to the Rainy Day's box was the Color Club white polish!  I absolutely LOVED this polish!!  I actually ended up spending my "Birchbox" points ordering the full set.  This box definitely helped to renew my love of painting my fingernails!!  Before receiving this box I NEVER painted my nails and since it's become a regular ritual.  I don't know how many times I have "instagramed" my nails LOL.  

This Color Club set is definitely a fav.  I love the pastel colors.  The color goes on very well.  I can't pick a favorite, because I honestly am obsessed with them all.  In this box you have: gold, white, blue and green. These were perfect for springtime and are still awesome summer colors.  I predict that I will be wearing these colors for many more moons! 

Here is my instagram pic of my nails painted.  The only color that I didn't use in this pic was the gold.  One day soon, I will definitely take a pic with my nails painted with all of the colors!  

Overall, that second birchbox, I keep typing birthbox LOL.  Anyway, it was definitely a success.  It helped me to rediscover my love of painting my nails and ultimately lead me to make my first nail polish purchase in umpteen years! Am super stoked that I chose this set!  Along with the Color Club set, I also purchased a full size of "That Gal" by Benefit Costmetics.  I have fallen in love with Benefit, but that's a whole other post to come !  I also picked the mystery pack as my "bonus" (Although I could have added another bonus, but was too excited that the mystery pack was actually in stock LOL) and I got the Inika eyeliner in green. Which was an awesome surprise!  I'm not one for colored liners, but as I have green eyes, a green works well for me.  If I'm gonna use color it's plum or green!  Here's a snap of the goodies I received with my circa box points!  

Well, if you have made it to this point in the post, I obviously didn't bore you to tears, so another brownie point for myself.  Yippie!  Stay tuned for other beauty blogs!  I think that there's a button somewhere to follow me.  If not, well I'll figure it out and put one somewhere.  Thanks for real for reading my blog.

If you aren't a beauty lover yet, I hope that by reading my experiences you will be able to discover the joys that is beauty!  I am posting my referral link to Birchbox in this blog as well.  Just FYI if you do click my link I do get referral points. :)  Birchbox is a monthly subscription service in which you receive 4-5 deluxe samples (occassionally a full size is thrown in as well!!).  The cost is just $10 a month and in addition to receiving awesome samples every month, they also have a webstore in which you can score the full size products of all the samples and much, much more.  You can rack up points and for every 100 points you receive that's $10 shopping money to spend on Birchbox. What is better than that???  Hope that some of you will discover the joy and benefits of Birchbox.  They are for sure my favorite subscription service. Their customer service is out of this world!!

Join Birchbox today for just $10!!!  Also, here's a link to the Color Club "Galas Gems" nail polish set: Color Club "Gala's Gems"

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