Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Love Affair With Beauty Products

Benefit Tin

It seems like a year ago, but it's only been a few months now that I delved I to the world of high-end beauty products.  Prior to that I was a reverse snob.  I not only only purchases low end, drug store products, I thought it frivolous to those ladies who consumed these "glutinous" higher priced products.  I definitely was a wee bit on the judgmental side.  Now, I am sure there are quite a few 👀 eye rolls when my facebook is littered with pictures featuring my new #obsession!

My first foray into the high end beauty market was the Naked 3 palette.  Even me and the beauty cave I had lived in had heard musings about how incredibly fantastic the UD products were.  I purchased my first ever palette from Sephora  Sephora: Naked 3. This began the beginning of my love with all things beauty.

I fell in love with all of the shades that was present in the Naked 3 and immediately ordered two additional Naked products.  I then began to actively seek out more. It has now lead to perhaps an unhealthy addiction to beauty products.  

It wasn't long into this new scavenger hint, that I was introduced to the wonderful world of subscription boxes!  My first foray into subscription boxes happened by pure chance.  I was at one time addicted to a little game, "Covet" and in an attempt to gain in game points signed up for Julep.  I am not a huge lover of nail polished, theirs however was exceptional for nail polishes.  I have 
since cancelled that subscription.

Then I found Join Ipsy. Ipsy is awesome, because not only do you get fab cosmetics, but you also get custom designed make-up bags.  I, who have had a purse obsession since birth, automatically fell in love with this concept.  My first bag could not have been more perfect.  For starters, it had a rock and roll theme, and the contents def felt like rock & roll!

"Acid Pink"

My first bag had Cailyn lip balm in Acid Pink.  It only took very little to spread on my lips.  I have heard people complaining about the size of the balm, but it honestly doesn't take but a dab!  It is definitely highly "pigmented". Pigment is a word I wasn't aware even was used in the cosmetic world, see I am learning stuff everyday. What good is life if you go a day without being enlightened?!

I also had some other fab items, the the City Gold cream shadow, the Urban Decay Velvet Liner,(after I finally got mine, I received an empty sample ) then the Benefit Posie Tint. It was a very awesome first bag, but probably a high standard to follow.  I mean that bag had so many awesome products. As I write this I am realizing how my child must have "borrowed" my shadow since I haven't seen it in awhile 😂😭!  I loved that little jar of gold!
 I have since received another Ipsy, it was definitely not all I had hoped for.  But more on that another time!  Out of this bag, it's kinda hard to pick a fav.  I suppose it would have to be the little jar of gold shadow!!  It was awesome.  I would say the Cailyn, but the color was just a tad too bright (still use it, just use a neutral gloss to tone the color down!

Well, this kinda turned out to be a blog more about Ipsy, than anything else.  Who knows where this blog may go!  I have ADD, so I may at times be a tad bit random. So, please if I tend to go off on tangents, bear with me and just know I. Having technical difficulties !

Thanks for making it this fara,  I guess if you are reading this, I haven't bored you to tears!!  a yippie!!! That truly Rocks!  Thanks for reading, pls subscribe to sassygalbeauty AND Sassygalreads!!


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