Monday, June 30, 2014

Instagram: SHOP Spotlight

So, as a continuation on finding fabulous individuals hops that are offering fabulous items, at great prices.  Today I am focusing on two wonderful little shops.  These are shops that I just happened upon on Instagram. I do not receive anything in return for these recommendations!  I've just found some excellent items, at even better prices!

This is just one of many of the fabulous options available over at TawnyLace_Boutique .  She has some incredibly beautiful pieces, at very reasonable prices.  I have seen Anthropologie items, for as little as $15. So super incredible.  Take a look at the picture below to view some of the other super fabulous items she currently has available.  You might want to hurry, as these fab clothes, surely won't last long.

Beautiful Clothing at low prices!

The next Instagram shop, is a fairly new shop, from what I can gather.  She has some gorgeous clothes, including some UPCYCLED shorts.  Super, super cute at reasonable prices.  If you like to wear something that no one else is going to own, this is definitely a good place to go.  She takes custom order requests.  So, hurry over while the getting is good!

Head over to :

_PrettyPrettyThings_  for some fabulous finds!  She's super sweet!

I hope that you have enjoyed today's edition of Sassy Gal Spotlight!  I enjoy being able to introduce buyers to fabulous sellers.  I truly love the whole social shopping aspect of shopping, and hope to introduce more and more people to this new and exciting way of shopping. Nits so nice to know that your money isn't being eaten up by a greedy corporation, but helping individuals whom are trying to make a honest living providing people with fab items.

Social shopping, is definitely part of a "GREEN LIFESTYLE". You reduce waste when you purchase ready made products, recycled products.  So, I challenge those of you whom haven't tried social shopping, to give it a go.  Follow my links to these fab shops, or connect to Poshmark!  There are a million ways to participate in the social shopping phenom.

Until next time!

Sassy Gal

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