Monday, June 30, 2014

MONDAY MAYHEM: Shop Spotlight


Cutting through the junk, to bring you some fabulous finds...

Fashion is clearly a part of beauty.  You can have the most fabulous beauty routine and the greatest face money can buy, but if your clothes are duds, all the trouble was worth nil.  So, part of my beauty blog is going to be dedicated to scouring the social sites to highlight some little shops and individuals that offer fabulous items.  I hope that you enjoy this part of the blog, as it is going to become, hopefully, a weekly edition.

My first ever Poshmark purchase was made in this fabulous closet.  I am so super glad that it was.  It was purchasing from her and receiving her package and how she packaged it that taught me about how important branding yourself is.  She has definitely mastered the art of branding herself.  She is a woman who is selling a lifestyle.  She is what she sells.  She sells a variety of items.  From thrift finds to upcycled clothing to "Free People" inspired jewelry (that she makes).  You can find it all.  Looking through her closet, you want to rush to Colorado and find yourself a nice cabin, build a fire while it's snowing outside and snuggle down with some fabulous flannel pajamas and a piping hot mug of coffee.

Items Created by: Vintage Spiderwear (aka daughter14)
Her items are absolutely gorgeous.  I have yet to be able to purchase one of her uniquely crafted items, but believe me it is on my need to buy list!!  She is so incredibly talented and my goal is to be her one day.  Well, not HER that would be kinda Misery stalkerish like, but definitely I aspire to her greatness.  I had never before owned a scarf before purchasing one from her.  I thought that it was "old ladyish" to own a scarf. Man, was I so unbelievably wrong (it happens).  I now own several scarves!  I also purchased a fabulous wooden owl brooch.  I was so super excited when I was able to finally wear my fabulous new owl brooch. So, I wore out shopping a couple of days after receiving it.  Took the picture below while driving (I was a stop sign OF COURSE) and later when I got home and reached down to take it off, it was missing.  I was so super distraught.  After messaging the seller to tell her I had lost her fabulous brooch, a couple of days later I found it at the bottom of my purse.  Not before, however, discovering that this fabulous piece of art once belonged to her mother.  Can I TELL you how badly I was stressing after I found THAT out.  I was heartbroken enough, but to think that I had lost someone's family legacy was somewhat of an emotional stresser.  It made it all the more sweet to find it!!

These of course, are just a couple of examples of the fabulous items that she has.  I hope to one day soon own my own "Vintage Spiderwear" bag.  So, if you adore "Free People" style, then you are guaranteed to love her style of items.  To shop her closet, please click Vintage Spiderwear aka Daughter14 .  Tell her "prtynpink" sent you...  To Visit Vintage Spidewear on FB: Vintage Spiderwear on FB

Well, that's it for now....  I still have some other closets that I want to spotlight, but will have to do those another time, as it is like 4:00am and I desperately need some sleep!  I sincerely, hope that you guys will consider checking her fabulous closet out and help support this fabulous artist.


Until next time!! xoxo

Sassy Gal

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