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Must-Have Essentials June 2014

So, if you have read my blog, most of you know that I am super new to the world of beauty.  Not to say that I am completely new to the world of beauty, but more specifically to high-end beauty.  I honestly began my journey with beauty products at a very tender age of 12.  The other girls, who had more strict parents than mine, would sit all pile on my bed in awe and wonder watching as I loaded on the make-up.  Oh, how I wish I might would have waited a few more years.

I have always kinda marched to my own beat when it came to beauty products, makeup to be exact.  I poured over my issues of Seventeen, and YM, etc. learning how to apply make up, what shades worked best and etc.  I was teased incessantly in high school for my choice of shadow colors.  It wasn't very popular to go with anything other than the "natural look".  I even had girls stick a purple shadow in my choir folder, teasing me for my choice of plums as a shadow.

I guess that they weren't aware that purple hues accentuate the green eye.  Oh well, it's in the past and I will try not to bawl my eyes out thinking of it.  LOL JK  Well, times have changed, the magazines def have changed.  Some products have come and gone, but one thing remains, My love for all things plum...  But, that honestly has nothing to do whatsoever with todays post.  Today I wanted to show you a few of the items that I have found to be an everyday essential.

First off, we all need a fab cleanser.  It was my lack of using quality skincare products that got my skin into the less than ideal condition I know find myself stuck with.  My first ever subscription box was to Julep.  Not being a big nail polish person, I opted for the beauty products option versus the nail polishes.  The first box came with what I consider an excellent cleanser.  This cleanser honestly leaves my skin feeling so super soft and creamy!  I find myself washing more often just so I can use this oil!  I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try and find a new cleanser.  The size is definitely a plus!  I have had mine for two or three months and barely have made a dent in it.  I believe the price is just $28 or $22.50 for Julep subscribers.  A very good investment for your skin.

Second, everyone needs a go-to moisturizer.  This is one area that I also failed to use during the majority of my life.  I purchased a make-up lot on Ebay and this $32 bottle of magic was included.  I have about drained it dry and I honestly don't know what I am going to do when I run out.  I definitely can't afford to pay $32 on a jar of moisturizer. So, I guess I will be shopping around for a cheaper alternative.  However, until then I will definitely keep this in my daily beauty regimen.  This moisturizer really helps to add some moisture to my very thirsty skin.  It also has the best scent hands down to any other skincare product I own.  I absolutely am obsessed with this smell.  If you have to add tons of creams, you might as well add great scent to it.  If you have $32 to spend a moisturizer, then definitely pick this one up!  If, like me, you need a cheaper alternative and you know of great products, please leave a comment giving me advice.  Am going to need to buy something very soon.  Have a Purlisse sample, but am not that impressed by it.  It feels as if I am adding water to my skin...

Ok, I don't know exactly which category this would necessarily fall into, but it's definitely on my short-list of must have products.  It's a tad on the expensive side, I will always try to ebay it and find a cheaper alternative to purchasing retail.  This oil really, really makes my skin so smooth and soft.  It gives me a great palette on which to load all the other products that I require, which as I get older that list seems to grow by leaps and bounds.

Primers:  I have no clue when a primer was invented, but I only recently discovered them and man, do they make a real difference!!  I have two shown, quite honestly, I prefer the cheaper Elf alternative to the more expensive.  If I had both lying in my make up pile, I would always pick up the Elf.  If you haven't ever used a primer and you have less than perfect skin, either scarring from past acne or acne that is present, this is a great product to help smooth over those lines.  It also helps to cover the wrinkles to help give you a smooth finish.  I feel like the Elf formula works better.  It's like butta for your skin.  Genius!!

Eye Shadow Primer:  Easy test.  If you want to see how well an eyeshadow primer performs, simply put primer on one eye, than none on the other and then do your shadow.  I can tell a huge difference when using this.  It's like using this primer my shadows adhere better to my eyes.  The colors are bolder and I end up using less product, which in the long run, helps to save money.  I have tried other shadow primers, Smashbox and Too Faced and I prefer this formula better.  Urban Decay really seems to be the stand out winner in the Eye Beauty Race.  Their eye shadow colors are sooooo much better than most other competitors and this is a to die for product.  I definitely recommend trying it out if you haven't already.

Must Have: Balm.  Ok, so we all need something quick and easy to use.  The Balm's "How about them Apple's" palette, is the answer to all our problems.  If you have this palette on hand, it's a really easy way to get a bit of color on both your lips and your cheeks.  I had this sample for about a month before I decided to try it on my cheeks and it's my favorite cheek product hands down.  It looks so natural and just gives me a flushed look as compared to a clown look.  I have tried their competitor's "tints" and they always seem to end up streaky and cling to my not so lovely spots.  And believe me, it's a hard pill for me to swallow as I LOVE their other products.  The cost of the full size "Apples" palette is $32.  I haven't shelled out the money for it, but I have to say that I am very likely to one day soon.  I would love to have access to all six colors offered in the palette.  I cannot say enough awesome things about this product.  

Ok, so that's just a few of the items that I have discovered in the past few months.  And they are honestly products that I find myself using if not everyday, then on the days I actually wear make-up!  I am having so much fun on this beauty journey of discovery.  I find myself dying to try more and more products and spending money I really don't need to.  Thank God for my subscription boxes that give me access to many fab products that without it, I wouldn't have the ability to try.  Of course, that can be both a curse and a blessing.  A curse when I find an absolute fantastic item I love and can't afford to purchase the full size item.  But, thankfully with Birchbox I get so many great skincare items, that I hopefully won't be having to shell out any big bucks anytime soon.

What products do you find you can't live without?  Are there any fab products I need to try?  I am looking for advice on more economical skincare options and would love your advice!!4

Until next time!!

Sassy Gal

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