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Beautylish Haul

Beauty Haul from Beautylish (Too Faced Eye Love Drama & Paw Palette)

Well, I suppose late is better than never.  I kinda said that I would post this blog a couple of days ago. Life kinda happened and I slacked on my blogging.  It can be difficult having a beauty as well as a reading blog. Reading kinda prohibits multi-tasking...

Too Faced Matte Pallete

Ok, so I hadn't really had the good fortune to try Too Faced products.  So, I purchased the Too Faced "Eye Love Drama" kit, because it seemed like a fab deal.  You get the Matte Eye, 3 way liner (which is a liquid liner), Lash Injection Mascara, and finally the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It's a good whopping amount of product for the money. The set was just $55 and considering that the price of the palette alone is $36 definitely a deal.

Recently, I did a review on the Coastal Scents shadows and spoke about how rich the pigments were. WI had high hopes for this palette.  After all, whatever beauty site I'm on I am constantly seeing Too Faced everywhere.  They have super cute packaging and they do have a fairly good amount of items that I would love to try.  However, I must say I was disappointed in this palette.

I tried the shadow insurance/ primer and then on to the shadows.  I tried using the Velveteen Bunny and the Fresh Linen, but it honestly didn't seem to want to adhere to my lids very well.  I don't know if I have gotten so used to shimmery colors or what.  I just know I couldn't really tell that it was on there.  However when I went and used the Vintage Violet, I was happy with the coloring I got from it.  As well as the London Fog and Midnight.  I think I would have preferred the Boudair Collection a lot more.  So, I'm not giving up on the Too Faced line quite yet.

Ok, having just done a review on the new Benefit Push Up Liner, I don't know if it skewed my view on the Too Faced 3 way liner, but I wasn't that impressed by the tip on it.  But then, I'm not a huge fan of liquid liners to begin with.  I just didn't see where the three pointed tip did much good.  I guess the issue is control.  With the Push-Up Liner you have more control of the amount of product used.  The 3 Way being a liquid liner, that control was non-existent.  If it touched my skin, product came out.  So, on a plus side it was easy to get product onto the skin, but being messy when it comes to putting liners on, I need the control that the Push-Up liner affords you.

Too Faced Lash Injection
Ok, so the last item tried was obviously the Lash Injection.  As far as mascaras go, this was a decent product.  It didn't seem to add any extra length to my lashes and the product didn't seem to come out very liberally.  I had to put it on quite a few times to get a look that I was somewhat satisfied with.  I don't think that this feeling is limited to myself.  Having just looked it up on Sephora to price it out, it has a 3 star on the Sephora site.  One reviewer made mention of the fact that it's very dry and not a lot of product comes out.
So, I definitely feel better knowing that it isn't an isolated incident or that I was biased because of my experience with the shadows.  This mascara sales for $21.00 on the Sephora site and I have to say, I am glad I didn't pay that price for this product.  I would have felt like I'd been ripped off.  I definitely would choose Maybelline over this particular product ANY DAY.  This product would get a one star from me!

So, in conclusion, I didn't have a great first time love fest with Too Faced.  However, I'm going to give them one more shot.  I have seen pics of the Boudair palette and it looks more my speed.  Hopefully, Too Faced will score big points.  I also would love to try their highlighters, bronzers as they look absolutely sensational and I watched a Youtube vlog and am definitely intrigued.  Perhaps I just picked the wrong Too Faced products to try.

I can never understand why it seems that companies choose their lowest products to bundle.  People who are on a budget like me are usually always going to opt for a bundle when trying a product for the first time. 
First impressions are everything.  Most people having had the experience I did with Too Faced might would totally write them off, never to look back.  I, however, am a more forgiving customer.  However, if my next Too Faced purchase isn't absolutely dynamite, I'll probably stick with my beloved Benefit for now.

The "Paw Palette" - Lilac Heart Ring
Ok last, but definitely not least, we have the Paw Palette.  This was the thing I was most excited to try out of it all.  I had stumbled across it on the Beautylish website.  It's a handy way to mix your shadows or your foundation without getting your hands all messy.  This particular palette, you simply wear it on your finger and as you are putting on your foundation, put whatever products you intend to mix.  The palette provides a fun, and hygiene alternative to mixing your make-up.  This is a pretty small version, maybe at most two inches wide.  However, for my needs I think that it's the perfect size.

At first, I was unsure that the small surface area would be unable to perform the task of mixing my foundations.  However, once I went to actually use it, I found that it was indeed the perfect size.  As you can see in the pic above, I was easily able to fit multiple liquids on the palette.  It handled itself extremely well.  I am notorious for not paying attention and as such found myself moving my hand all around, down by my side up in the air and the foundation stayed in place.  It didn't drip off and clean up was a breeze.
Paw Palette (Another pic)

Now, quite honestly I don't know that I will remember to use it all of the time.  I tend to be even more forgetful with each passing year.  Being a thirty-something I have found that the amount of products I use has increased quite dramatically and this is a perfect addition to my beauty wardrobe.

My Beautylish "Haul"

Inside the pkg (They even included a little note)
I was quite pleased with Beautylish.  This was a first time purchase with them and it definitely won't be the last.  With their partnership with affirm, it makes it easy for beauty junkies to get their beauty fix regardless of money in the bank.  It was quite easy to order using the pay later option.  All I had to do was fill out a little form and it asked for my mobile number and they sent a text, in which I had to then enter the code sent to the phone.  They said that they performed a credit check, but the requirements must not have been to tough, as I don't have the best credit score out there.

So, the buy later is definitely one awesome reason to choose to purchase through Beautylish.  Another would be customer service.  Birchbox is a favorite company because they excel in the customer service area and Beautylish seems to be on par with them.  The packaging was way too cute.  It was wrapped in a white tissue paper and then again in a brown paper bag, tied off with string.  To include a note, gives it a more personal, boutique like feel to the package.  So A++ in regards to packaging.  However, their customer service didn't stop there.

When I finished trying out the Matte Palette, I went on their site to review it.  I gave it a one star, which was probably much too critical.  Not long after reviewing, I received a message from Beautylish stating that they would be happy to allow me to return my product to get something that I would be pleased with.  She even went so far as to offer me a personal consultation on what shadows might work best for me.

So, overall it was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend trying Beautylish out.  Don't forget that you can easily buy now and pay later with the Affirm pay later option.  From what I can tell, there doesn't even seem to be an interest fee attached either.  Now, I will know better when I actually go to make my first payment.  But even if there is a fee attached,, it's definitely worth paying a little fee to get my beauty fix instantly rather than having to wait a dreaded two- three weeks before I have the cash.

Sometimes it seems I have traded one drug in for another.  However, this drug definitely isn't harmful in anyway to my body and the cost is even significantly lower.

What's your beauty addiction?  What product can you not life without?  For me it's definitely tinted moisturizer or a fab BB cream!

Shop Beautylish                             Paw Palette on Etsy

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  1. Love this post, I really like the look of the Too Faced products.
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