Sunday, July 20, 2014

Birchbox August Preview #1


Images in this post were taken from Birchbox YouTube videos

Birchbox is a subscription service geared towards women (They also have a service for men: Birchbox Man).  The service, which costs just $10 a month, is a sample service.  They provide subscribers 4-5 samples every month, as a way of trying products a chance to "try-on" before purchasing the Full Size products.  Subscribers can leave feedback for the products in their boxes each month and receive 10 points per sample feedback provided.  This gives subscribers a way to earn essentially half the cost of the service back in points.  100 points equals $10.  Points can only be redeemed in increments of 100.  Birchbox has absolutely the best Point System among all the subscription services.  To try Birchbox out for yourself, click here.  For the rest of July use the code: WOMENSHEALTH100 this code gives new subscribers 100 points for new subscription (Which is $10 to use on Birchbox.com).  Birchbox.com offers a ton of variety. F ar beyond just beauty options. From Kate Spade Saturday to French Bull to Jonathon Adler, Birchbox goes way beyond filling only your beauty needs.

Power of Choice: Take Two

With so many issues from last month, one would hope that they have figured out where they went wrong and attempted to fix the issues that plagued them last month.  We all have growing pains when starting something new, so I for one, am definitely willing to hang in there while they work out the kinks.  The benefits far out way the bad.

Option 1: Noir Liner

Option Two: Model CO bronzer

Option Three: Laura Gellar Cream Shadow

Option Four: TheBalm Tint

Like last month, subscribers will be receiving an email.  Kinda like a one, two, three GO.  I suppose we are being given more options this coming month since I believe, they were inadequately prepared for the massive popularity of the "Choose your own sample".  They even joked in the video that subscribers "broke the internet".  It really did cause mass confusion.  It took several refreshes to finally be able to get to the page where I could choose, then because of a glitch none of the original choices were saved.  Causing mass confusion. 

However, that was July, August is a whole new month.  These are some pretty exciting choices.  I almost want to sign up for a new box, just so I can choose two instead of being limited to only one choice.  But, I think I am going to resist that temptation for now.

Birchbox Book Club:  August Selection
It's only been a couple of months since Birchbox started a book club.  I, personally, haven't been involved yet.  I already have a book blog and am so over consumed already by books needing to be read.  However, perhaps if they ever choose a good fiction book, I'll be game.

So, that's it for the August previews.  What do you think of the August "Choose your own samples"?  Do you subscribe to Birchbox, if so which sample will you be choosing?  I think I'm gonna be going maybe for the Laura Gellar cream shadow.  Pretty stoked about this months choices.  

So, if you are a subscriber, be on the lookout for your email giving you the green light to make your selections!  Thanks for tuning in to my little site !  Keep coming back.  You never know what you might find.

To subscribe to Birchbox: Birchbox $10 a month (almost the price of a latte).

Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.  By subscribing through my links, I receive 50 points for referring new subscribers.  Thanks... :)

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