Monday, September 29, 2014

Magnetic Door Product Review

Magnetic Screen door with Magnetic Closure

$28.95 on Amazon (as of 9/29/2014)

Magnetic Screen Door:

34" x  82"  MAX!!

Ok, so I have to say that I kept putting this review off, because I was so freaking out that I didn't have a man around who could install it for me and so I was very hesitant and trepidation kicked in.  However, I have to say it was so much more simple than I had imagined it to be!

I had two fifteen year old boys' who installed it for me!  See, kids ARE good for osmething!  My son and his friend put this door up in about FIVE minutes on Sunday!  Seriously!  All you do, it comes with a roll of velcro tape and you tape it to your door frame, or in my case it was a bit taller than my door and so I had to tape it a little above my door.  The sides though we were able or THEY were able to stick to the frame, I didn't put tape on one side just because when I went to close it I wanted to be able to pull the screen door up over my regular door so it wouldn't have issues closing.

That being said, I live in a manufactured home, so our doors are much shorter than the average "built home" door would be.  It still works really well.  It has this magnetic strip down the center of it and you walk through it and when you let go it automatically closes because of the magnets!  It's really an awesome alternative to a screen door!

I am really happy to have it around Fall time, I think this can save us on our electricity bills, to keep us from having to run the air conditioner so much we can just keep our front door open, yet not have to worry about mosquitos or other creep crawly's coming in!  This really is a great product, especially if you like to have an inside / outside lifestyle.  IF you are barbecueing or whatever and need to go in and out, this truly is a novel idea.  Why can't I ever think of something ingenius like this?  This is one of those products where your like, it's so simple yet it's so perfect!

I definitely give this a five star.  Just make certain that you measure first before you purchase, so if it's not quite big enough you save yourself from having to make a return.  In my case it was a little large, but it still works just fine for our family!
Magnetic Door

Magnetic Door - Open
Magnetic Closure truly makes it a GREAT door!

To Purchase:

Another view of the Magnetic Door

Thanks for checking out my latest product review!  Do you have a screen door similar to this?  If you do, do you prefer it to other screen doors??  If you don't have it, are you in the market and would you consider purchasing this door??

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