Monday, September 15, 2014

Miracalis: Product Review

Miracalis Skincare

Miracalis:  Anti-Aging Cream

The Product description for the Mircalis cream, states that in just 15 days your skin will look lovelier. That in 15 days, your wrinkles can be reduced by 17%.  Luckily, I don't have an OVERWHELMING amount of wrinkles, quite YET.  I do have a few worry lines, and maybe I'm getting a little bit of the dreaded crows feet.  

I've been using the Miracalis now for about three weeks, and I can't say that I am noticing a HUGE difference, but honestly 17% of NOT much, how much change will I be able to truly see?  So, it's hard for me to say that YES, this is a MIRACLE cream.  I know that my skin looks lovely, and fresh. I honestly don't think that you can buy any ONE product and expect to see miracles.  I think that it's when  you TRULY have a skin routine that covers ALL your basis, then all of the products TOGETHER combined will show you the best possible results.

What I can say about the Miracalis cream, is that it's a really nice luxurious type texture.  It has no scent, which is really important to a lot of people when choosing skincare.  It feels really nice when you put it on, and unlike with some creams where I experience a "flaky" effect, I don't get that with this.  So, overall, I'm really pleased with it.

Only time can tell, well hopefully NOT. Hopefully, now that I am actually being PROACTIVE I will be preventing wrinkles.  I wish that I could be more helpful, but I don't want to lie to you and say that yes, this provided me with excellent WRINKLE busting materials.  

I know that I've recently learned that in order for products to work well, it requires them to be able to penetrate your skin.  I learned that when reviewing another product.  So, one good key is to really get a pretty warm rag to soak your skin prior to starting your cleansing so that it allows the products to really seep into your skin and so that the "good" stuff can actually start filling your pores in.

If you have sensitive skin, I think that this is a good product, because I didn't notice any irritation whatsoever.  There was NO burning that sometimes I experience with other products.  Overall, I was pleased with this product.

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Miracalis Skincare

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