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Lip Factory: Sept Unboxing & Review

Autumn Arrives

Lip Factory:  September 2014 Review
September 2014:  Lip Factory Review

COST:  $22
Value:  $73.44

**  Lip Factory is a $22 monthly beauty subscription service.  Subscribers receive between 5 and 7 full sized beauty items each month.  Every four months they have a box fully dedicated to the PUCKER, that's right the lip!  If you would like to subscribe, please click here: Lip Factory, Inc. (My ref# 387068)

Ok, so you have NO CLUE how stoked I was when I saw the pamphlet for the September Lip Factory box.  Fall is by far my absolute FAV time of year.  Something about the atmosphere just screams change is coming, I really feel a well of excitement during this time of year.  You have the most awesome holidays in the next few months. 

And it's all kicked off with Halloween.  I'm already thinking of putting up my decorations.  I asked my kids when I should put them up, they said ummm.... OCTOBER.  LOL I really would do it NOW, if I didn't think folks would think I was crazier than they already think I am.

So, when I saw this pamphlet all of those excited feelings started bubbling up inside of me!  OK OK OK... ONTO THE makeup GOODIES.....

The September Box:  

Ok, I am one of those girls who screams from the mountain top about how much I LOVE Lip Factory.  However, There just was something that just didn't EXCITE me this time.  I really don't know what it was.  It could have been a combination of factors, but I think the main reason is that I like balance.  When I'm decorating I like to have everything equal.  If I have something on the left, I need something in the exact spot on the right.  Everything has to be symetrical.

There doesn't seem to be any symetry to this box I guess you could say.  Well, I take that back, there is somewhat.  But, I like a little of everything, I think that makes the PERFECT box.  Last month, I really loved it.  But, this month I don't HATE it, but I'm not like OMG this is so spectacular.

But, I'll let you tell me what you think.  I could be becoming jaded by all of these boxes.  I am really about to take a bit of a chill, unless people want to start sending me FREE boxes to review.  It's killing my bank account.  My bank account is screaming, NO MORE....  FEEED MEEE 

Girlactik Pout Shine
Girlactik Pout Shine:  $19 (Shade:  Pretty)

I haven't ever tried a Girlactik product before.  Honestly, I hope that there products are better than the one I tried.  I couldn't even hardly get any product on my brush, I literally had to scrape the sides to get anything to come out!  It was not good, AT ALL.  Maybe that's normal.  Would I pay $19 for it?  Absolutely not.  The color is ok, but it didn't really look all that great on me, and it was EXTREMELY sticky.  If I were doing a rating for this, it would have to be a 2 Star!  Seriously, and for those who read my reviews, I'm usually pretty hard to displease but I just was NOT impressed.

J.Cat Eyeliner
J. Cat Eye Liner:  $5.99 (Jet Black)
 So, this is ok..  If you really want a review on this, let me know in the comments and I will be more than happy to review it for you.  I'm ok with this.  I now have about a million gazillion liners, but not a black gel liner, so I'm good with it.  I love this bottle design.  My first bottle like this was a Cailyn lip tint that I received in the ONE and only GREAT Ipsy bag I ever got (which I've since cancelled as of this month!).  So, I'm ok with this.  Is it something I would wanna see, Idk, It's a black eyeliner.  How many black eyeliners do we see in these sub boxes.  I am ready to be wowed.

Model Co. Eyeshadow
Model Co. $26 ( Shadow Trio:  Palette 01 Naturally Neutral)
 PLUS  Angle Eyeliner Brush:  $9.50
 Ok, I really like the idea behind this.  I might even give it a try, but I don't do browns well.  But, that's not Lip Factory's fault.  Had it been a rosey, plum, or white, or something I would be thrilled.  But, I guess September was the month for eyeshadows.  Since Boxycharm ALSO sent out eyeshadows (I got the browns there too LOL).
Ofra Lip Gloss
Ofra Lip Gloss:  $12.95 (Orchid)
 This was the boxes SAVING grace!  I loved this Lippy!  I liked the texture of the gloss, it was JUST right, kinda like Goldilocks LOL.  It's super pretty and I can see myself wearing it.


So, while there really and truly was only one BLAH item to me, I wasn't really WOWED this month.  Not like I was last month!  Last month besides the lashes, I was really excited!  That box got OTHERS excited!  This month, um not so much.  I mean, maybe I'm wrong.  I'm really so disappointed after trying the Girlactik Pout Shine, it's hard to look past it.  For the most part, I can see Autumn/ Fall in this box.  Although, the lip choice color for the Girlactik doesn't "scream" fall.  

The other months, I've received my Lip Factory box, I really have been happy.  This time, I will see if I'll end up using the products.  If I don't, they will definitley make great gifts for the family.

What do you think of this month's Lip Factory box?  Am I just being jaded??  Did it wow you??  What was your favorite part of this whole box??  I love to hear back from folks so I know I'm not just speaking to myself!  So please, let me know if I"m just being a brat...  Please.
Lip Factory, Inc. Product Card

Lip Factory, Inc. September Product Card 2

Lip Factory, Inc. September Review
The goodies...

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  1. I'm actually really looking forward to this months box more so then last month. I think the liner will be interesting because it is a gel one, the shadow palette is model co so it has to be great and browns are my thing. I also think it's cute that together you get a full look. Eyes and lips you know? I am worried now that you said the Girlactik gloss wasn't good. They are pretty popular for their glosses and even though I know this color won't work for me I was sure it would be a solid product. Still I'm looking forward to this box a lot, maybe more so then the anniversary box and I can't wait for mine to arrive. Thanks for the review and spoilers.