Monday, September 1, 2014

Product Review PLUS Giveaway!: Australian Tea Tree Oil

Australian Tea Tree Oil
100% Tea Tree Oil
Apothecary Extracts: Australian Tea Tree Oil

Like I've said in previous posts, I've been so dismally unaware of how many germs truly do surround us on a daily basis.  If you start doing research on mites and germs, etc. it's truly appalling the amount of mites and germs we live with on a daily basis.

Tea Tree Oil is nothing new.  It's been around for practically forever.  It's long been used in medicinal and antiseptic purposes for years.  Some of the things that Tree Oil is known to help:  Acne, to treat cuts and burns, psoriasis, eczema, LICE, staph infections, dandruff and even bad breath.  It also can be used to make household cleaning products that are safe for you and your family.  

I still need to purchase some of the items needed to make some of the treatments that Tree Oil can assist in, but I have been able to use it in my baths as a way to combat dandruff and to help fight against any lurking bacteria.  I've noticed a huge difference already in just the short time I've been using it with my HUGE dandruff problem.  I've noticed that it really does seem to be helping the dandruff to break away from my scalp.

Some of the things that I haven't yet tried, but definitely am going to be trying:  Making household products with Tree Oil, a shampoo, a hand scrub, and an acne spot remover.  I need to compile a list of the ingredients that I need to make some of these recipes!  I may end up doing a follow up post when I've had the opportunity to gather some of these ingredients and update you on my experience.

One of the things I've been most excited about is having my son try this out to help him with his acne as well as making my daughter use it weekly to help prevent a LICE infestation.  Moms of little girls know how nerve wracking it can be to fight those pesky critters.  So, prevention is definitely the best and I've heard marvelous things about Australian Tea Tree Oil & Lice Prevention.  

After learning about all of the harmful little critters floating around us at any given time, I definitely am going to be keeping a ready made supply of Australian Tea Tree Oil at my house.  It will become a staple piece for my household.

The odor of the tea tree oil, can be a tad bit overwhelming, but I've found it doesn't take long for the smell to fade.  I've started using it daily I add a little to my bath time to help ward away bacteria.  I also have been using it as the first thing that goes on my face before even cleansing.  Since I've been using it daily with the Rosehip oil, I'm sure the two products working together is one of the reason I've seen such great improvements with some of my scarring.  I hope that my continued use of this will only help to strengthen these results! I am so happy that I discovered this product.  I had read about it awhile back and had been dying to try it, so when the opportunity presented itself to review it, I JUMPED at the chance!!

Although, I haven't gotten to fully explore the wonders of Tea Tree Oil, I am definitely impressed by what I've seen so far.  I think that this is a product I can continue learning about and over time will be able to discover the full potential of it's many, many uses.  I truly am excited about this product!!

I think that natural products are going to only increase in popularity over time, they already are beginning to see a major rise in the beauty world.  I feel so behind, but am starting to seriously educate myself to the uses of natural products.  I look forward to eventually ridding my home and my makeup case of all harmful substances.

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  1. I have never tried Tea Tree Oil, but have been hoping to do so! :)

  2. I have tried tea tree oil and use it everyday, mostly on my face to prevent and treat blemishes.

  3. I have tried tea tree shampoo and loved it. I would love to try it for other uses like the benefit of facial breakouts!

  4. Tea tree oil is a must have. I use it for beauty products and household cleaners. It's the best. Thanks for doing a giveaway for this versatile oil.