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Dollar Shave Club: Fit for a King Gift Idea / Part of the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide Fit for a King

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Ok, so men have to be the hardest species to purchase items for.  I guess maybe it's because their items aren't "CUTE"...  Whoever knows what to purchase for guys.  Even my son....  Unless it's some expensive iPhone or XBox, I'm always so lost as to what I can purchase him that isn't gonna cost me like $100.  Even his taste in clothing has gotten to where it's almost out of reach for me.

When thinking about unique gift items for men, I thought about a subscription service that I, myself had been wavering on joining.  Dollar Shave Club is a fantastic razor service for men (Or women, come on you know you use your husband's razor when he's not looking!!).  

They have THREE levels:
  • The Humble Twin:  $1/mon. Plus Shipping ( 2 blades / 5 cartridges monthly)
  • The 4X:  $6/mon. Shipping is INCLUDED (4 Blades / 4 cartridges monthly)
  • The Executive:  $9/ mon Shipping Inc. (6 Blades / 4 cartridges monthly)

What It Is:

Dollar Shave Club:  Razor and cartridge refillsIt's a monthly service, you choose between one of the above options and the first month you will receive your starter kit which includes your handle PLUS your cartridges, as well as a sample of their Shave Butter.

A Peek inside...  Dollar Shave ClubMy Sample Kit:

My sample kit totally was just above board.  They sent me full sizes of their optional items that subscribers can add each month to their boxes!

I have to say the folks at Dollar Shave Club have a wonderful sense of humor.  They had me laughing so hard reading their product cards!  

I always appreciate a company that can make me smile.

The Add-Ons:

Shave Club Add-OnsDr. Carver's Easy Shave Butter;  $8 for 6 oz Tube

Dr. Carver's Maganimonius Post Shave:  $9 for a 3.4 oz Tube

Dr. Carver's Miracle Repair Serum:  $12

One Wipe Charlies:   $4 for 40 wipes

One Wipe Charlies Travel:  $7.50 for 40 Individually wrapped wipes


I was really impressed by the packaging as well as the contents inside this box!  It's a really nice box!  The tongue in cheek sense of humor was greatly appreciated and made getting a box with razors in it FUN!  This is definitely a company that seems to take what they do and make it an experience.

Dr. Shave Club sample If you have a man to purchase for, than I would highly recommend a subscription to Dollar Shave Club!  This is really a great idea, it's inexpensive and it's really more affordable than going out and buying razors and blades!  We all know how expensive blades can get!  This is a great idea, ESPECIALLY if your like me and get your own subscription box and feel a little guilty when every month you have your own packages and your husband is just kinda stuck with nothing...  We all know how we love our boxes every month!!  I am sure that your husband would love having a little gift every month too!  And it won't cost you NEARLY as much as the ahem other ones you probably get cost!!

To Purchase:

(Please Note:  These items were sent to me for the purpose of review)

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