Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wearever Panties: Review

Wearever Panties:  Incontinence Sufferers

Ok, so you don't have to be elderly to suffer from incontinence.  It's one of those subjects that we as women don't really often times share with others, but there are a lot of reasons and times when we can go through periods where we literally "Just can't hold it"...

I know when I was pregnant, I suffered from the pee pee problem quite often.  You couldn't make me laugh without me feeling a little trickle...  So, NOT fun..  But, unfortunately, it's a natural part of life..  When I was overweight, I also suffered from intontinence at times.  It's not something that I'm exactlhy proud of, but I'm also not ashamed to the point where it embrasses me to talk about either.

For millions of women, I'm sure they suffer as well.  So, while there are many options for protection, it's also nice to have an added layer of protection in the form of your underwear, afterall, that's where it's going to land....

My Thoughts..

I really wish that I could find the pictures I had taken of these panties, because they truly are really pretty!  Even my daughter was trying to fight me for them...  They are really lovely and are sexy as well.  So you don't have to have "granny panties" and have some extra protection if you have a "pee pee problem", you can wear these stylish and gorgeous panties!  

Of course, they also offer other varieties as well if you aren't into the whole black and lace thing!  These are surprisingly comfortable and I've worn them quite often since I've received them!  I don't actually suffer at the present time with an incontinence problem, but they are cozy enough to wear regardless...

I think that these or the other styles are a great idea if you are experiencing incontinence issues.  It's nothing to be ashamed of!  But, if you are, you can safely order these from the comort of your home and no one would be the wiser!!

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    I've been using evologie

  2. I use Artistry products