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Michael Todd Soniclear: WITH COUPON

Soniclear Anti-microbial Skin Cleansing System
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Michael Todd Organics: Soniclear System

What It Is:

The world's first anti-microbial skin cleansing system.  An intense clean for your face and body!

Just The Facts:

  • World's FIRST anti-microbial cleansing system
  • 6 Speeds: 3 for Face and 3 for Body!
  • Includes a Facial Brush AND a Body Brush!
  • Two in One System: A Face AND Body Cleansing Brush!
  • Totally Waterproof: Use in the shower!
  • Includes: Docking Station & Charger

A Little Behind The Brand:

So, I've never had the pleasure of trying Michael Todd Organics products prior to trying out this Soniclear system.  I still haven't been able to try their cleansers, etc.  So, I wanted to learn a little about who Michael Todd Organics were, so I decided to explore their site a little more.  Here's what I learned:
The MAIN ingredient used in Michael Todd products is: ALOE..

Why ALOE??  You'll find a lot of skincare products use a good bit of water and / or alcohol as a base for their products.  Water, they believe is a way of being "Cost effective" or cheap for other brands.  Put simply, adding water is a way to save money.  And then the use of alcohol, which we all pretty much know, can cause you to dry out, etc.  So, they use aloe because of it's healing properties and because of it's more than 75 ingredients that are: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-viral.

Michael Todd Organics Line
Michael Todd Organics Complete Line of Skincare
They also use no parabens.  Ok, so I'm going to be real honset here.  I hear about NO PARABENS, NO DYES all of the time and even after researching it, I'm still a bit at a loss at what it actually is.  Parabens are effective as preserbatives in many types of formulas.  However, lately there has been an increase in the rise against parabens.  THE REASON??  Parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors, they have also have displayed a "slight mimic" to estrogen.  However, there have been no direct links between cancer and parabens.  

However, I guess this is one of those times where it's better to "be safe" than sorry!  

Soniclear System:

Ok, ok so I know I went off script for a minute there...  This system truly OH MY GOSH, I LOVE it!  Truly!  I could sit and just use this for thirty minutes.  It feels so wonderful on my face!  The only sad thing was, I use an oil based cleanser and so I had to find a good foaming cleanser to use with it, and I don't really have one that I LOVE or that foams up really well.  However, even without a foaming cleanser, I could use this!  It's like heaven on my face!  It feels like a facial massage that you don't ever want to end.

And I guess it's nice that it's cleansing it as well.  LOL Truly, I mean it feels so good that the fact that it's actually cleansing my skin was secondary to how wonderful this felt !  I am in love with this device!!!

I urge you, if you are in the market for a good cleansing system, I would definitely recommend this one.  And one of the great things about this, the "anti-microbial" part of this, means that all those icky germs that most brushes would get while sitting there after having gotten wet, this brush isn't going to do that, I guess it kinda kills the germs by itself (like an invisible zapper maybe???)....

I haven't yet tested out the body brush!  But, trust me I definitely will!  I didn't realize until I sat down to do this review that it was even a body brush (I am HORRIBLE at reading directions).  I am always going ninety miles a minute and so I really don't often take time to sit and really read things until I'm sitting down to work on it and then that's when I do my research.  So, I feel a bit silly having had it this whole time and not realized that it was a body brush!


So, I'm not quite sure how long they are having the sale, but I was just on their site and they have a 40% off Black Friday sale!  So, I would definitely go and check it out!!!

USE CODE: BLACKFRIDAY2014 (Again, not sure how long it will be going on!)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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