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Wet Shave Club: Part of the SassyHolidays Gift Ideas: Men

Please Note:  This box was provided for review. 
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Wet Shave Club

Part of the SassyHolidays Gift Guide

Wet Shave Club:

What It Is:

Wet Shave Club is a monthly subscription service.  They are a shave club that caters to a more sophisticated clientele.  This isn't your average shave kit.  What they offer is an "Old School" shave.  With a straight edged razor in your first box with a wonderful quality selection of soaps.

My Thoughts:

Wet Shave Club: Part of SassyHolidays Gift Ideas: MenI had seen pictures of the Wet Shave Club on Instagram.  That's where I contacted them and while I had seen pictures, seeing pictures and actually having it in your hands is two totally different things.

I was so pleasantly surprised by the level of sophistication this box had.  I felt as if I was part of an exclusive club and that's always a nice feeling.  The packaging is A++++ and definitely exceeded my expectations.  Presentation is a HUGE factor in these boxes.  You don't want to pay good money and not feel as if you're getting a special box of treats!  

I definitely felt that, even though I'm a girl that I was special.  That's how these subscription boxes SHOULD make you feel.  It should feel like Christmas each and everytime you open up your box.  This is definitely a box that will make any man feel like the "King" of the house that he is.

Unboxing Wet Shave Club:

Unboxing Wet Shave Club
Wet Shave Club:  Unboxed
 The presentation of The Wet Shave Club box is sophistication.  It truly does scream CLASSY!

 Mickey Lee Soapworks

These soaps smell seriously DIVINE.  I am thinking of gifting this box and I don't know if I can stand the thought of giving these yummy smelling soaps away!  

These truly do smell decadent.
Wet Shave Club: Straight Razor
Gorgeous Stainless Steel Wet Shave Club Razor

Wet Shave Club: Close Shave

This is a "Straight Edged Razor", I believe.
This truly is going back "Old School".  All you need now is an elegant "Shave Bowl" and your SET!
Wet Shave Club Leather Cover
Leather Pouch Razor Cover:  Wet Shave Club

Leather Pouch Cover:

This cover for the razor is simply stunning.  It is GORGEOUS and very manly!  This box truly just screams SOPHISTICATION, at every turn.
Legends of London: Matches
Legends of London: Matchstick Book

The Legends of London:

No clue who the Legends of London are, but this match book sure is cute!!

Wet Shave Club: Shaving Brush
Wet Shave Club: Brush

Wet Shave Club:  Shaving Brush

What a nifty little brush to work up a nice soapy leather (Of course with the smelly good soaps you also get in this box!)

Super Max:  Blades

Extra Blades: Proceed with Caution

Of course, a Shave Kit wouldn't be complete without the blades...  All I can say is BE CAREFUL... 

These scare me just looking at them!!  Seriously.....  Not for CHILDREN...

Made for MEN...  MANLY MEN...

Gift Idea: Wet Shave Club
Wet Shave Club:  The Ideal Gift this Holiday Season

Gift Idea:

What a PERFECT gift idea for that special man in your life.  Make him feel special with this stunning Shave Kit from the Wet Shave Club (Pls Note:  This is the November box, you might receive a different selection of products than the ones pictured here!).  The Wet Shave Club ships out the NEXT DAY!  So, no long waits!  It truly is a wonderful gift idea!!  

Make this a holiday he'll never forget and give him the gift that keeps on giving year round with a year long subscription!!  (Monthly plans are also available!!)

Watch My Unboxing:

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