Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cleanse Yourself: Colon Cleanse

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Cleanse Yourself for 2015

Why not ring in the New Year feeling refreshed and cleansed?  Cleanse yourself of all those nasty toxins floating around in your body with a nice COLON CLEANSE....

Just The Facts: FROM AMAZON 

Promote Optimal Functioning of Your Digestive System with HealthyNowTM Colon Cleanse Detox Plus 

A Unique, All Natural, Extra Strength formulation of herbs, seeds, fruits and fibers that help enhance digestive system functioning and cleanse the bowel. 

Extra Strength Colon Cleanse Detox Plus Helps*: 
- Relieve Constipation 
- Remove Old Built-Up Waste for a Flatter Tummy 
- Regulate Digestion 
- Improve the absorption of nutrients in the body 
- Increase Energy 
- Promote Weight Loss Naturally 
- Improve Digestive Health 
- Promote Overall Balance of Health 


All of our bodies build up unwanted nasty stuff that we need to rid it of.  I've never personally tried a colon cleanse, but I suppose I probably should.  With as many Monster Java's as I drink I'd be horrified to see the nasty that is floating around my intestines and colon and kidney's.

Instead of putting yourself on a needless detox diet, maybe a Colon Cleanse pill system is a better solution.  I don't know, have you ever tried anything like this??

Tell Me

If you've personally tried a detox or colon cleanse like this I'd love to hear your personal experiences with it and if you would recommend it?  I am skinny as a bone as it is and am terrified that I'll cleanse myself to nothingness if I were to try something like this!!!!  

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