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Blogger Life: Integrity

Blogger Life:


Google Search Defines in-teg-ri-ty:
1) The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

One would assume that the word integrity is a pretty easy word and concept to grasp.  Integrity isn't something that is just a "Blogger" thing, it's a part of life and how we should all be striving to live our lives, with a strong sense of integrity.

As a human being we should all have an in-built sense of right and wrong which should help guide our actions and our reactions.  I remember watching Pinocchio as a child and "Jiminy Cricket" who played "Pinocchio's" moralcompass and even as a young child I could grasp that there was a feeling I would get in the bottom of my belly when I would tell a lie or do something I knew wasn't right.

Let me say, I am FAR from perfect.  I make mistakes every single day that I breathe, afterall I am a human being and at last I checked, there was none that has been found to be without sin except my savior.  So, please don't mistake this post as I am higher than thou or better than anyone, I know I am NOT.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due:

When we create posts with original content, it is our expectation that our hard work will remain ours and that if someone does happen to come across our content and loves it so much that they want to use it, that they will give credit where credit is due.

Sadly though, I have seen far too often cases in which blogger's will steal content without citing their source.  Sometimes, it might just be an oversight and perhaps they don't even realize that there are rules about this type of behavior.

I have myself, used other blogger's pictures if I'm for example discussing a subscription box and haevn't ever myself received it, but in cases like that if the blogger hasn't already written her name on the picture, I will myself put the original site on the picture and sometimes even with a link to the original blogger's site.

However, recently I've come across some truly disturbing blogs in which all of the content is being plagiarized.  From the product reviews to whole posts about Beauty related content, none of the articles are by the blogger herself, nor is she giving credit to the true author.  She is copying these posts as if they are her own posts.

It's Stealing...

I guess a lot of people think of stealing as walking into a store and taking something without paying. However, I can't think of anything quite as horrific as stealing someone's thoughts.  Sure, they say that copying someone is the sincerest form of flattery, but it's also just plain WRONG and it's stealing when you don't cite your source.  I don't know which way I'm supposed to be saying site, sight, cite...  However, you catch my drift I believe.

Be Original:

I think that there is probably an audience for just about anything.  With as unique as we all are and so many different personalities that we all have, if you create original content then they will come.  There is going to be SOMEONE out there that can relate to what you have to say and will enjoy reading whatever it is you have on your mind.

I'm ME

I may not be the best speller, you are almost always guranteed to find at least one mistake in each and every post I write.  I may not be the most creative, but I am ME.  Love me or not the words in my posts are my own unless otherwise stated.  

Toothless Wonder

Another thing, I may have rotten teeth that are FALLING out of my mouth, but I am proud to have my integrity intact.  I may make mistakes, but I wear my "Big Girl Panties" everyday and I am comfortable in myself to be able to see my own faults.  I don't know how many times I openly discuss my own issues with the world.

Take Me or Leave Me

A lot of drama has ensued the past couple of days and I sadly have to admit that I have acted in ways that I am not proud of and said somethings that I shouldn't have said and made fun of someone in a "Private" forum.  I'm not a perfect person.  I am a fallible human being who will make mistakes everyday.  Among many ways I'm not perfect, I am a dreadful house cleaner.  My house is horrific, my organizational skills are seriously lacking and I am so ADD that I bounce from one hobby to the next and it's incredibly hard to keep up with what it is I'm obsessed with today.

I am myself though.  I am me.  You don't have to like me, that's ok.  But, I am going to continue being myself, as imperfect as that may be.

Talk to me now...

Have you ever experienced someone who copied your work or seen for your own eyes someone who copies other blogger's work??

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