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Art of Air: Airbrush Makeup System Review

Art of Air: Airbrush Kit Review

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The Art of Air Complete System: Fair to MediumArt of Air: Airbrush Makeup System

The Art of Air system comes with everything that you need to get started using an airbrush system.  

I received the compressor, 7 different shades, a primer and 3 different highlight / contouring shades as well as a cleanser and a carrying case for the kit.

There definitely is a learning curve when using an airbrush system.  I'm sure regardless of the type your using, it's going to take time and practice until you get truly comfortable.  Or maybe I'm just a dinosaur and it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Art of Air: Before & After
The results are amazing!

The Results

I was truly impressed by how well the airbrush system was able to completely hide all of my imperfections.  I have very problematic skin and it literally was like erasing.  The product did seem to take a little bit to completely dry, as the results were more time-lapsed than instantaneous.
ME before using the airbrush kit: Blemishes and all
A Before Shot: TONS of blemishes
I don't know if this picture is truly doing my skin justice.  I have an extreme amount of blemishes.
Me After Using Airbrush Kit
This is AFTER full makeup: First Try
The above picture was taken after I used the airbrush kit and other makeup.  The results are amazing.  I didn't have to use a filter when taking pics like I normally do.

Second After Pic: Complete Makeup
This was after using the airbrush system the second time
The above photo was taken my second attempt at the airbrush kit.  Of course, I've put on blush and shadow, mascara and lipstick.  However, the foundation is just the airbrush kit.  I was truly blown away by the amazing results.

Takes Getting Used To

Despite the fact that I was thoroughly impressed by the results of the system.  It is completely different feeling than normal foundation.  It felt weird on my face.  However, after about thirty minutes it starts to feel as if I'm not even wearing makeup.

Video Tutorial / Review To Come

I am working on doing a video, however, it's taking a lot of editing because it was about 24 minutes long and trust me, it's boring 90% of the time.  So, I may just end up re-recording and trying to capture only the bits I need.

Purchase Art of Air:

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**  I received this product for testing & Review.  However, my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own!!!

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