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Celebrating a YEAR of Boxes

SassyGalBeauty: A Year of Boxes
A New Addiction Begins

Celebrating MY Year of Boxes

Prior to March of 2014 I had no clue what Subscription Boxes were.  I was completely oblivious to this whole "Subscription Box World".  Now, a year later, it seems unbelievable that there are indeed people in this world that have never heard the name Birchbox or Ipsy.  

The Start of it ALL

Last year, I was obsessed with a Facebook / iOS game called "Covet", it was this really fun fashionista dress up game.  IN order to get more "IN GAME" cash, there were ways you could download apps, sign up for stuff...  One of those was Birchbox.  I had never heard of Birchbox until I found it on one of those sites.  Once I saw it though, I quickly began searching for more subscription boxes and was truly overwhelmed by the amount of boxes available.

There's literally a subscription box for just about anything you could dream up!

My First Birchbox
My First Birchbox
This was my first Birchbox and I wasn't OVERLY impressed, not when holding it next to my first Ipsy.  It seemed in the very beginning that Ipsy was the clear cut winner.  However, I would soon become disillusioned with Ipsy and it was the very first subscription I cut out.

My first Ipsy
My First Ipsy
Birchbox will always win with their point system.  Their point system along makes it well worth the money. I had only been subscribed for a short time when I first turned in my first points for a purchase, I ended up only spending $13 cash for over $50 worth of products!!
first Birchbox Points Purchase
I spent a total of $13 cash after cashing in points!

A Box for Whatever

I'm not even going to begin to list all of the million boxes that I've gotten in this year.  Safe to say I've probably received at minimum fifty different subscription boxes in total.  From Boxycharm to PopSugar to The Panty Box, I've tried so many different kinds of boxes.

I still have a major love affair with the subscription box world.  There's always an element of risk when getting subscriptions, but it's kinda what make it so fun.  Are you going to fall in love with the items in your next box, or are you going to be disappointed?  Who doesn't love getting packages?  It's like getting presents every month!!

My Favorites:

Birchbox: Winner Benefit
I won a Benefit They're Real eye liner in June from Birchbox
Birchbox besides being among the best because of their point system, are really huge in social media.  They are constantly connected to their customer base which I really appreciate.  They have contests and giveaways often.  They truly understand their customers and how social media and being connected can only help to grow their business.  They are still my favorite, ALL TIME subscription.



Boxycharm is another favorite.  Costing $21 monthly, and you get 5 full size (Occasionally you may get a deluxe sample but it's not often!) products.  They seem to have close relationships with Coastal Scents and Tarte as well as Tarina Taratino those brands are often found in Boxycharm boxes.  This definitely is one of the subs where you get your biggest bang for your buck.


Yes, they even have subscriptions to feed your hunger.  From Love with Food to Try the World there are food subs in all price ranges to feed your soul.
Try The World: France Box

to save 30% on your Try The World subscription

The List Goes ON and ON

This doesn't even begin to cover all the great subscriptions out there.  I started my blog wanting to document my journey into discovering beauty subscriptions and it's gone a little everywhere since.  It's impossible to try all the different subscriptions out there.

If you haven't jumped on the subscription band wagon, I urge you to do so!  You can checkout my unboxings over on my YouTube channel!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  I would love to hear from you and what subscriptions you've tried and loved!!

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