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Morning Skincare Routine: My Personal Routine

Morning Gang: The Morning Super SKincare Heros Combating Age
My Morning Gang: Protecting My Skin from Aging & Fatigue and other bad stuff...
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Morning Beauty Routine:

Oh, I love to remember about ten years ago when to get ready all I had to do was jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, grab my small makeup bag and jump in the car and put my makeup on while driving (Um....  I do not condone this type of behavior).....  Gone are the days when my whole beauty regimen took ten minutes, fifteen tops....  Now, my daughter knows to allow at minimum one hour for me to "Put my Face On".

My mom has complimented me several times about my "glowy" skin.  Yes, there are some makeup products that I use that help to give me that "glow', however, I really attribute most of it to my skincare.

It might look like I'm preparing for battle when you look at all the products that I use on my face just in prepping for makeup.  However, I really believe that each product serves a purpose.  I can honestly tell a huge difference in my face when I miss just one of these steps.

Everyone is different and what works for some might not work for others.  So, while I'm going to show you the items that I personally use for my skincare, it might not work so great for you...  Finding products that bring out the best in your own skin is always worth searching for, and if you find something that works, stick with it!  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

STEP 1: Cleanse

There is a ten step Korean system that I loosely use myself.  The first step in their system if eye makeup remover, however, I just wrap it all into one under "Cleanse".  Cleansing of course is one of the most basic essential things we all need to do, it's not one of those steps you can just "skip" if your in a rush.  Painters who paint, cleanser their surfaces and prep and the same is true for your skin when preparing to put on makeup, you must first prime the surface.

I use my Insobeau Cleansing Water .  It is honestly INCREDIBLE.  I had it for a few months before I really used it.  I found that I needed something that could clean my makeup off but not require me to rub my skin and get those red splotches.  The Insobeau Cleansing Water does just that, it's gentle yet it's extremely powerful.  With one swipe of this stuff, my makeup just goes away!  It's truly a miracle product.

Step Two:  Exfoliate

Ridding our skin of the dead skincells that have collected, is extremely important.  While a thorough exfoliation using a "heavy scrub" is only required a couple of times a month, I like to use my Konjac Sponge at least three times a week after cleansing.  It really seems to help prepare my skin and I feel like it looks better when I use a konjac sponge.

If you've never tried a konjac sponge, I sincerely urge you to do so!  My mom had a staph infection on her nose several years ago and her nose continued to be extremely red and irritated.  When she was visiting me one day, we got to talking about skincare and I suggested that she try using a Konjac Sponge, and her nose truly has improved dramatically since using one!  It's gentle enough to get rid of the dead skin cells, but gentle enough for frequent use.

You can find a variety of Konjac Sponges on Amazon:  
Konjac Sponge

Step 3: Toning

Step 3: Refreshing or Toning

Step 3 is probably my favorite step, I love using toners.  They make my skin feel seriously like I've just hit the refresh button and they usually smell so nice too!  I actually use two toners, I use a Rose Water toner as well as a "whitening" toner.  I don't know if I'm damaging anything by using both, but it seems to work and I haven't broke out in hives so I guess I'll continue to do what works...

InstaNatural has a great Rose Water Toner: InstaNatural Rose Water Toner

Step 4: Essence

Ok, so I'll be really honest.  I'm not really exactly sure what the crap the Essence step does.  I know that I use my Vita-Capsule that I received in a Memebox and it is really one of the things I attribute my "Glow" to.  It literally make my face shine all fresh and young looking.  It's a MUST use every time I walk out of my house step.  I would rather skip almost anything else, but I will NOT skip this!  

Step 5 & 6: Serums & Eye Cream

There are SO many dang different serums that you can use.  However, there are a couple of ingredients to look for when choosing a serum.  One is Hylauronic Acid, it helps to restore & repair tissue damage; another good ingredit is Copper Peptide: it helps to restore collagen...

Serums are great for injecting all of that stuff that as we age we start to lose.  So, knowing your specific skin issues (Discoloration, elasticity, etc.) can help you determine which serums will work best for you.

I personally, suffer from scarring, discoloration, and "Firmness" and a few wrinkles here and there..  So, I use actually a few serums to help combat these issues.  I put Serums and Eye cream together, because sometimes you can find serums that can be beneficial to your face and eye area.

Final Step: Moisturize

Final Step: Moisturize

Moisturizing is definitely something I can never forget.  Having extremely dry skin, I use two moisturizers.  I love both of the ones I use, I use one from InstaNatural and the other is a Korean, Insobeau.  I could probably get away with using just one, but I feel I benefit from them both.

I know if I try to put makeup on without moisturizer it just isn't going to look right at all.  While moisturizers are of course great for helping your dry skin, it also helps to create a barrier of protection between your skin and outside elements.  Using a moisturizer with an SPF is a great way to get a twofer.  You need SPF to protect you from the damaging effects from the sun anyway, so it makes sense to try to look for a product that will double as both a moisturizer and a sunblock.

There are also a lot of BB creams you can find that have SPF as well.


I have no degree, I have no certificate.  I am in no way a professional anything, except maybe a professional talker...  I just am telling you what I've learned myself and what I've found works for myself.

Skincare definitely though is something to not take lightly.  We aren't Forever Young.  There is no "Fountain of Youth", we must all do what we can to protect our skin from all the harmful things out there that seem intent on damaging our skin.  Our bodies are kinda like an internal bomb, it starts to deteriorate on its own, so we really have to fight what mother nature naturally wants to do.  

*  Some of the items mentioned were previously given to me for Review Purposes.  However, I'm writing only about the products that I personally use.  I was not compensated in ANYWAY for this post.  I just wanted to share my skincare routine :)

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