Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Christmas at the Alabama: Alabama Theatre Christmas Showtime Schedule

Christmas at the Alabama

Alabama Theatre Christmas Movie Schedule:

Ask any person who has ever had the good fortune to walk inside the doors to the Alabama Theatre, and I'm sure that they can recall with exquisite detail the feeling that stirred inside the moment they were surrounded by the history that is immersed inside Alabama's legendary "Alabama Theatre".

From the lobby to the restrooms, every inch of The legendary Alabama Theatre speaks to another time, a time when design was more than just about the bottom line, when design was about creating an experience.  That's what a visit to the Alabama Theatre is, an experience to last a lifetime.  It's a place where you'll dare to dream beyond what you know.

There's nothing like watching an old classic in the seats that have held thousands before you.  You feel like a part of something bigger when you enter the lobby, when you hear the Wurlitzer playing even a few chords.  It's a place where dreamers come to dream.

Christmas is special, but there's something about cuddling up in your coat and taking a stroll to the Alabama Theatre.  Whether your watching a classic Christmas movie, or a newer Christmas movie, watching it played inside the walls of the Alabama Theatre makes it that much more special. 

Christmas Movie Schedule for Alabama Theatre

Christmas Showtimes: Alabama Theatre

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