Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Power of Jobs Made Possible by Steve Jobs

The Power of Jobs

Steve Jobs

**  This post refers to information I learned whilst watching Jobs the Movie & from various articles found on the internet.**

The Power of the Font:  Made possible by:  Steve Jobs
The other day I was searching through various fonts, trying to find different styles I felt best represented who I am.  It was while searching for fonts, I really started to think about Steve Jobs and how through him, we have the power to do much all from our homes.

Steve Jobs is a man whose name can stir emotion.  Known best for his world changing creation of iPod which changed the way we all listen to music and helped to create a whole new industry, the digital platform.  We might never have had an iPhone if it weren't for the creation of that first iPod.

Many, however, have questioned his place in the Tech world.  I can't count the times I've read the comment:  But, he never CREATED anything.  True, it wasn't his hands that helped to design the revolutionary first "Home PC". What it was though, was his VISION to see what could be that helped to revolutionize the tech world as we know it.

Bloggers possibly wouldn't exist today if it weren't for his ability to see beyond what was and to see the possibility that could be.  How lucky we are that he found a friend in Steve "Woz" Wozniak. for it was that every important friendship that truly helped to bring affordable PC into our homes.

He wasn't probably the most friendly boss to have, but he was a demanding man.  He expected his workers to push themselves further than what they were comfortable with.  His project, Lisa, came under fire for failing to come in under deadlines and for his over-budget and for wasting resources and time on such "unimportant" things such as creating different "Fonts".

Vision:  The ability to see the possibilities and to make it happen.
You see, Steve Jobs could see that the general population wouldn't be able to look at a monochromatic screen filled with unchangeable fonts.  He envisioned making a machine that could be customized to it's user.  He wanted whatever product it was that he was working on to not be an isolated machine, but to be an extension of it's user.

While he may never have "technically" created a machine, he was able to see genius in other's and had an innate ability to draw the very best out of them.  He was able to see the future so clearly.  He had dreams of a device that you could hold in your hands back thirty years ago, and today we have the iPad thanks to those visions he once had.

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