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November Looksbook- Starlooks Subscription Review

November Edition:  Looksbook by Starlooks

Shimmering Future | Edition IV

November 2015

November Edition: Looksbook by Starlooks

November Edition:  Looksbook by Starlooks
 Disclaimer:  I received this for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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What it Is?

Looksbook is a monthly subscription service by Starlooks Cosmetics.  Each month, subscribers receive three new & unique beauty products that are set to the "Theme" of that month's book.

Cost?  $12/ monthly (Recurring)

How to Sign-Up?  

Visit: starlooks.com to subscribe to Looksbook by Starlooks

Unboxing November's Looksbook:

The November Starlooks Looksbook is probably my favorite up to this point.  The colors are absolutely insanely gorgeous.  Shimmering Future is the "Theme" for this month and Shimmer it definitely does.

Opulence - Lip Crayon

Opulence - Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon in Opulence
With a name like Opulence, it definitely conjures up thoughts of luxurious and over the top.  This lip crayon definitely is what I would consider luxurious and over the top.  With it's deep rich berry shade, it gives the feeling of luxury and warmth.  It is the perfect color to wear during this holiday season!

EyeShadow Duo | Fortune & 500

Eyeshadow Duo- Fortune / 500 (Shades) by Starlooks
Eyeshadow Duo:  Fortune / 500
Clearly with the names of the makeup this month, we can see a cohesive theme.  Fortune 500, well it's kinda self explanatory why it carries with the theme of "Shimmering", but perhaps the theme should have been named Shimmering Indulgences..  Because that's really what all of the products scream to me.

The colors of this eyeshadow duo are insanely gorgeous.  Rich and heavily pigmented, they are perfect for all the holiday parties coming up this holiday season!

Fortune is a shimmery gold shade, beautiful on any skintone!

500 is my favorite shade from this duo.  A beautiful shimmery berry, it's truly a remarkable color that is bound to make anyone who adorns this shade stand out from the crowd.  Especially when worn with the gorgeous "Golden Ticket" eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliner | Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket - Liquid Eyeliner
Last, but certainly not least is the liquid Eyeliner in "Golden Ticket", a perfect shimmery liner in an opulent gold shade.  This liner is not for the faint of heart.  Those who dare to wear it will sure to cause a stir wherever they may wear it.  If you want to fade into the background, I wouldn't recommend this gorgeous liner.  

The pigmentation is unbelievable, it shines so brightly and creates a beautiful shimmer that bounces beautifully off of light.  It's probably handsdown my favorite liner I've ever seen.

They truly outdid themselves with this liner!

Overall Thoughts:

This is by far my very favorite Looksbook yet.  Each and every piece in this collection is absolutely stunning and meant to draw attention.  With the holiday's coming up, these beautiful shades will look stunning against all the gorgeous lighting and screams festive!

The stunner out of the set, if I had to choose just one, definitely is "Golden Ticket", this liquid liner in that luxurious gold is bound to turn heads!  It's just so unique and perfect for Christmas time!

Your Thoughts:

I'd love to hear from you.  What's your favorite selection from the "Shimmering Future" Looksbook by Starlooks November Edition?  Is it the beautiful deep rich berry lip crayon in "Opulence" or the one of the Duo Shadows, 500 or Fortune?  Or are you like me and drawn to the gorgeous "Golden Ticket" liquid liner?

I can't wait to see what December Looksbook brings us!!  Stay Tuned for next months Looksbook and see what the December Edition has in store.  With it being Christmas, I have high hopes for next month!

Like what you see?

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