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Sassy Shirts- Southern Belle

Southern Belle Tshirts- Southernbellestore.com: A SassyGalBeauty SassyHolidays GIft Idea

Southern Belle T-Shirts

A #SassyHolidays Gift Idea
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Southern Belle T-Shirts: 

Callie in her Southern Belle: The Elf Did it TopWhy I chose Southern Belle for the Gift Guide:

*Disclaimer: I received this for review purposes.  I was in NO way compensated other than FREE item.

Ok, when your from the south (I would say anywhere north of Florida and go north as far as Kentucky, from Georgia all the way across to the great state of Texas), your kinda part of a special, unique group.  We are often misunderstood and people love to throw "Stereo Types" out when they think of the good ol' folks from the south.  

Some of those "Stereo types" are true. We say Yes Mam, No sir (Regardless of age differences), we say, "Howdy", and things like "The Lord... (sounds like, they lawwwww) and of course you can't go a day without hearing our most famous phrase "Ya'll (you all)... 

So, it makes sense for there to be companies who cater to us and our unique kinda speak...  

Southern Belle: Keeping CHRIST in Christmas
Image Credit: SouthernBelleStore.com
SouthernBelleStore.com does just that.  They know the "Sassy" southern lady very well and have created a line of tops that specifically appeal and cater to us "Southern" belles.  They have  a few different "brands" under the Southern Belle moniker that when put altogether offer a wide selection that will appeal to the men and women who love things like hunting, sports and they even offer a "Collegiate" line that will appeal to the College Sports lovers in your life.

Of course, being a "Bama" girl, there's only one team for me "Roll Tide".  They have a few "Roll Tide" tops that just about any Bama chick would adore.

Their designs are so unbelievably adorable!  

A Taste of SouthernBelleStore.com Styles:

Gift Idea fit for a King:

Bonafide Southern: Southern Belle (Deer for Men)
Image Credit: SouthernBelleStore.com

For the Wife of the Hunter:

Love Me Like You Love Deer Season: SB
Image Credit: SouthernBelleStore.com
And More....

Christmas Options:

Image Credit: SouthernBelleStore.com
Christmas- Southern Belle
Image Credit: SouthernBelleStore.com

My Thoughts on SouthernBelleStore.com

Callie Sporting her SB top!
I've been a huge fan of Southern Belle tops for a long while now.  Being in the south, we are inundated with cutesy shirts similar in style to the SouthernBelle tops.  They are just plain adorable and cute.

I had gotten this top in the hopes that maybe my fourteen year old daughter would like it, and she absolutely LOVED it!  I had to keep it away from her for the longest so that it would be nice and crisp when I went to take my pictures.  She couldn't wait to get it on!!

The designs of SouthernBelleStore.com are absolutely adorable.  They sincerely are so precious.  This Elf top is my favorite, but I do have a few contenders for "Second" Place. (Christ in Christmas &

If your like me, you will go to their site and choosing just one will be the most difficult part of shopping on their site.  You can't have just one. You will want them all.

Dear Santa, The "Elf" Made me Do it- Southern BellePrice:

Their prices are extremely affordable and reasonable.

Depending on sizes, it could be $1 or $2 less or more than the prices shown here.

Short Sleeves- $19.95 
Add $5 for a Long Sleeve

They also have hoodies that are priced around $29-$35!

Shop SouthernBelleStore.com:

For a Direct Link to their Christmas Tops:
Southernbellestore.com - Christmas

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  1. I looked at the site, the "Enjoy the Ride" shirt caught my eye.

  2. I would get the Bonafide Patchwork Deer shirt for my daughter.

  3. I would get the Dear Santa ELF made me do it shirt. I would give it to my daughter.