Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday Shopping with Ebates.com

Holiday Shopping with Ebates
Start Your Online Holiday Shopping with Ebates

Holiday Shopping with Ebates

What is Ebates?  
Ebates is a site that pays you a percentage of the amount spend from your online shopping.  The amount varies, different site pay out a higher percentage than others.

How does it work?

Most sites use affiliate referral programs ( Example:  You are on SassyGalBeauty, you see a product listed you like, you click the link and purchase.  SassyGalBeauty would then get a % of that purchase as SassyGalBeauty "referred" you to their site")  The difference with Ebates, is they pay you back a portion of the % they make.  (Normal referral links on my site do NOT generate the type of revenue that Ebates does for their referral system.)

Is it a Scam??  Is it Legal?

No.  It is NOT a scam, you really do get money back on your qualifying purchases.  

YES.  100% legal, the sites listed on Ebates have partnered with them to pay out a certain % of sales generated.

How do I sign up?

You can use my link:  (This is a referral link)
Sign up for Ebates

How to Get Paid:

  1. Search Ebates for the site / store you wish to purchase from
  2. Go through the Ebates site to start a "Shopping Trip"
  3. Shop until your heart's content
  4. Ebates Pays Quarterly.
  5. Your account won't be credited until your order ships 
If Problems Arise:

Everytime you initiate a "shopping trip", ebates records it.  Most of the time, there aren't issues.  There are times however, when things go awry and your shopping trip isn't recorded as a purchase.

When this happens, just follow these steps:

  1. Find your Order Confirmation Email
  2. Open Ebates
  3. Go to Help
  4. Find:  "Where's My Big Cash Back?"
  5. Initiate a ticket
  6. Scroll through the shopping trips and locate the correct trip
  7. You will need your Order # 
  8. Copy & Paste your Entire Order Confirmation Email
  9. Wait 2-3 business days for a response, it generally doesn't take long!!

My Ebates:

I signed up last November and have earned $81, and that's really just from Nov - May.  I've not been really buying anything in the past six months.  That's solely based on my shopping trips, I've received no referrals whatsoever!!

You literally make money buying the stuff you were going to by anyway!!

No Shortage of Available Stores:

Almost every possible brand or site you could want to purchase from, is listed on ebates.  Clearly little mom & pop sites aren't going to be on Ebates (Etsy is on ebates).  The amount earned varies, they will have specials at different times for various sites.

Need More Answers?

I think I've just about covered the basics.  If there's something that you still don't understand, feel free to ask me !!

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