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Sun On Your Face: Mass Vision Sunglasses Review

MassVisionInc.com Sunglasses: SassyGalBeauty Reviews
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Feel The Sun ON Your Face:  Not Your Eyes


* Fun Fact:  Did you know that wearing sunglasses can reduce your chances of getting Crow's Feet wrinkles?

We all love to get outside and feel the sun beating down on us.  In fact, it's a pretty important part of life, getting natural sunlight.  Sunlight can help to boost your health as well as your mood.  One of the bummers of winter time is struggling with "Winter Blues" because of the lack of daylight.  So, getting outside is really vital to your well-being.

DG Sunglasses: MassVisionInc.com (SassyGalBeauty)HOWEVER, we all know how badly it stinks to be in the bright, bright sun without sunglasses to block those powerful rays.  So, sunglasses are fun, but they are also a practical item.  But who wants to rock some sunglasses that are NOT cute??  Choosing the right sunglasses is about as important as choosing the right handbag.  The right sunglasses can be like the perfect topping to a great outfit, the WRONG sunglasses can throw your whole look off.

Mass Vision Inc: Options

So, all ladies know that a key to a good shopping experience is the power of CHOICE.  We need options.  Well, the folks at MassVisionInc.com definitely have  plenty of options for their customers. They carry a wide variety of brands and styles to fit just about all personalities and styles. 
They ALSO can cater to different types of buyers.  Whether your looking to make an individual purchase or a BULK purchase, they have you covered.

They have really nicely priced packages available!  You can choose to purchase a "Mixed Dozen" that includes 12 different sunglasses for starting at $30!!  To see the different options available:  MassVisionInc.com: Mixed Dozen Packages

My Experience:

I received my sunglasses fairly quickly.  I actually have delayed my posting because I had wrapped them as a gift for my son for Christmas and it wasn't until after Christmas was over and I started thinking about everything my children received that I realized he never opened the sunglasses, so I'm not quite sure where the "Sunglasses Present" disappeared to.  I had wanted to get some pictures of my son wearing his new shades, and so sadly since the sunglasses are MIA, I was unable to do so.  

Mass Vision Inc: Sunglasses at Wholesale (SassyGalBeauty)It really stinks, because this was one of those gifts I knew he was going to get really excited to see!  However, that's not massvisioninc.com's problem or fault. 

Besides my sunglasses or Cody's Sunglasses going missing, I was really happy with this pair of sunglasses.  DG sunglasses are everywhere it seems and I always seem to hover over their styles versus other styles when I'm in the store.  I also know that Cody would have LOVED these, he would have been extremely thrilled with getting these if they hadn't gone missing!


I'm really pleased with this product and even more impressed by the site in which sent these to me for review.  I think that they have really affordable options for any budget as well as a lot of varieties of types of sunglasses.  They don't just sell sunglasses, but also offer a variety of other types of glasses from Safety Goggles to Reading Glasses to Clip-Ons and Fit-Overs, they have just about any type of glasses that you may be searching for.

They also have a blog in which they give different types of helpful advice in regards to sunglasses.  One article is a post about choosing your sunglasses based on your face shape!

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