Saturday, June 14, 2014

Benefit "They're Real" Push-Up Liner Review

I officially have some idea of what it must feel like to be an "insider" and to receive advanced copies of books and new products before they hit the shelves.  I was fortunate enough to receive and early sample via Birchbox and Benefit.  Thank you so much Birchbox for choosing me to receive this fabulous new liner!
So, I wasn't truly expecting any miracles with this liner.  I figured that it was just a whole lot of hype, I mean if you've tried one liner, you've tried them all.  Right??  Well, I can officially admit that I was quite mistaken.  The genius of this product is in the rubber tip.  It's a patented design exclusive to Benefit, so unless someone comes out with a version similar but with some other defining trait, you won't be able to find a product that can produce the line that this liner produces.

This rubber tip is PURE MAGIC

So, I am not by any means an expert eye-liner put on-er.  I am consistently miserable at putting it on and never can seem to get both eyes symmetrical.  There is always one eye that is practically flawless and one that is either too thick, too thin too pointy.  I guess that the folks at Benefit, someone there must have the same problem I have, because seems like they put a lot of money into creating a solution for us "real world" people who don't have the pro hand at putting on liner.

First it took quite a few twists to get the "stuff" to come up.  The pamphlet says that it takes "at least 8 rotations", but I found it took probably at minimum 20.  I was starting to think that I had a defective liner, which would be just my luck.  However, it finally started coming out and once it did, I was a believer.  The rubber tip really helps not only to guide the "stuff" where it's supposed to be, but it also gives you control as to the amount.  If you are like me and "miss" a spot it is super easy to use the tip and the remnants to "fill in" those spots that may not have received as much product.  

Perhaps it's supposed to be "goof proof" but left in the hands of someone as unprofessional as me, no matter how genius the product trust me to find ways to goof things up.  However, it really does help to correct any goof ups along the way.  It's twenty-four hours later and the liner still looks fab!  I will definitely be picking up my own full size Push-Up Liner when this sample runs out.  Bring on the Birch Points !

So, if you are looking to purchase a new liner, I highly recommend this product, I believe that the cost is $24.  It is right around the same pricing as other high end liners.  If you are like me and can't afford to spend big bucks on single products, even more reason to subscribe to Birchbox and get some fab products for just $10, after reviewing the products you can earn 50 points a month (which is the equivalent to $5) so it's kinda like you are only paying $5 a month for high end samples, that can usually last a good month (most of them- depending on how often you use them).  So, subscribe to Birchbox today and start reeping the benefits and piling on the Birchbox points.  If you do subscribe to Birchbox and can't shell out the money on the full size version, then I would definitely consider saving up my points to get this fab liner!!

Now, here's a look at what my eyes looked like after sampling the Benefit "They're Real" Push-Up liner as well as sampling the Coastal Scents shadows.
It's time for your Close-UP
Please note:  I hadn't put any mascara on yet...
Please try to NOT look at my messy bedroom that's peeking through...  So, back to my eyes.  I really loved the way that my eyes looked after using both the Coastal Scents and the Push-Up Liner.  I love it, what do you think?  Tell me your thoughts on my ability using this fab new product!  Just comment below!!

Thanks super duper bunches for reading this.  If you have once again made it this far, then I haven't bored you to tears, unless of course you skipped ahead....  Buy Benefit "They're Real" Push-Up Liner

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