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Birchbox June 2014

Birchbox is a women's monthly subscription service.  The cost of the service is just $10 a month and you get between 4-5 deluxe samples as well as occasionally full size products.  Being a part of the Birchbox family is much more than just a monthly sample box.  

On top of providing awesome samples on a monthly basis, they also provide a point system.  You get points by reviewing the samples you receive every month (10 points per product reviewed - an average of 5 products gives you a chance to earn 50 a month). 100 points is $10. They have an ample variety of fabulous offerings in their Birchbox store!  Anything from Benefit to Stila to Kate Spade Saturday.  You also can earn 50 referral points for every friend who signs up using your referral code!  So if you sign up, be sure to share your referral link as well as review ALL the products!  Even if you just swatch the product, leave a review or you are basically throwing away $1 per product you don't review!

On top of all of those fab reasons to sign up, the most important thing is quality and customer care.  What you get is a company that truly cares about your satisfaction.  They also are very involved on social media and it's super easy to get in touch with them.  If you have an issue, then they work quickly to resolve your problem.  They are truly #1 as far as customer service goes.  
BirchBox June 2014 Package (It's a big one!)

Now for the goodies.  I was taking a nap when my daughter comes on and tells me that this was hanging on our front door.  I was very drowsy and had assumed that it was my June Popsugar Must Have box since it looked so big.  I went back to sleep only to dream about it, so I woke up and had to see what was inside the bag....  When I saw the above box and that it was from Birchbox, I immediately thought that perhaps it was a belated Kate Spade Saturday Giveaway win!  However, I was tickled pink with what was actually inside the box!  Wasn't Kate Spade, but the beauty equivalent.
First Peek inside this mammoth box...
So last month I had received like my fifth or sixth hair care product as well as a second Supergoop out of just three boxes.  I kinda pitched what in the south is referred to as a "Hissy fit" and complained on Twitter, well the fab people at Birchbox saw my complaint and contacted me on Twitter and by email to help me fix my profile so that I could make sure to get more of the products that I would use!  That's just another reason why I think they are the best service out there!

And the winner is....  Benefit "They're Real" Push-Up Liner

Benefit "They're Real" Push-Up Liner
So, I was super stoked when I realized that I had actually won the chanc at being one of the first to try out the Benefit "They're Real" Push-Up Liner.  I will have a mini-Review just for the liner, but let me just say that I am very pleased with this new addition to the Benefit line of cosmetics.  Since my love affair with beauty products began a short time ago, Benefit has been my favorite brand of all.  I love their products and the packaging is super cute.  I'm officially obsessed with everything that is Benefit.  I already am now a proud owner of one Benefit tin, as well as three gorgeous Benefit bags. Ok so moving on.....

First Peek

Birchbox Overload

Now On to the Good Stuff...

Coastal Palette :$34

Part of the beauty that is Birchbox is the opportunity to try brands and products that you've never experienced.  Coastal Scents was a new brand to me.  I had seen it, but had never tried it. I actually assumed that it was a lower quality brand. So, I wasn't that excited when I saw this little palette.  I  also wasn't wild about the colors I received.  Being a fair skntone with green eyes, browns don't really tend to be the best color for me.  However, I tried this palette last night and was pleasantly surprised by not just the colors, but the quality of these shadows. 

The colors were rich and went on very well (I used my Urban Decay shadow primer first). But the colors truly seemed to be rich in pigment.  While these wouldn't have been my first choice as far as colors, I think I will actually use them until they run out. Possibly not the dark brown (unless I use as an eyeliner).  I can also see myself purchasing this whole set soon.  I recently had to sale my Urban Decayh palettes to pay bills, so I am in search of a new shadow palette, and think that this would be the perfect addition to my make-up collection.  If the other colors are as vibrant as the ones I sampled, I definitely will be pleased with my purchase!  So product one was a definite hit for me! Score 1⃣ (1) for Birchbox...

Caudalie: $62 (12.40 Trial Value)

Ok  So I am an over thirty-something.  Despite how much I want to tell myself I am still a vibrant twenty-something, I can no longer be in denial.  And as I am no longer in denial, I have recently noticed that I my skin regimen has gone from non-existent to like ten pounds worth of product.  So, I welcome all serums, moisturizers whatever.  If it will work towards keeping my skin looking as young as I feel, then I am all for it.
So, while this isn't what I would consider a "fun" product, it is a necessary product.  

Needless to say, I was happy when I discovered an anti-wrinkle serum.  I haven't ever tried any Caudalie products, so this is a complete new experience for myself.  I must say not that I can tell any major noticeable change, it did leave my skin feeling extremely smooth.  It also has a very pleasant smell.  It wouldn't probably strike a chord with the younger generation, but those of us who have embraced our "No longer a Kid" mentality, will appreciate this product.  Could I afford the $62 price tag for a 1 oz bottle?  I'm not sure.  So, while it's unlikely that I will actually purchase this product, I definitely would if money weren't an object.  Now perhaps at tax time when I get to splurge on myself, this might be something on my shopping list, but until then I will have to hope that every couple of months Birchbox surprises me with this awesome serum.

So, that's officially another point for Birchbox.  Score: 2 for 2 on my satisfaction of product.

Jergens BB Body-  $11.49 7.5 oz bottle ($1.50)
Having only recently discovered the world of high end cosmetics and skincare, Jergens is an instantly recognizable brand to me.  I'm certain at some point in the past thirty-plus years I have even owned a bottle of Jergens.  I was a bit shocked, but not at all disappointed to see this in my Birchbox.  The back of the tube says:," that it is a multi-action formula that will change what you expect from your moisturizer."  It also says (I'm paraphrasing here) that in five days it will instantly visibly improve and gradually perfect my skin in just five days.  So, if it's going to take five days to see a difference, I'm not quite sure that this one oz sample size will be sufficient for moisturizing my whole body.  

It also claims that if used daily it will self-adjust and provide a "customized solution" for your skin tone.  Well, I am going to try to remember to use this lotion daily at least in the same spot for at least a five day period so that I can report back if I see any "instant (5 day instant) " noticeable change to my skintone.  I won't be holding my breath.  It does smell very nice.  I have found myself re-applying a couple of times just so that I can smell it.  So that's a definite plus.  Overall, I was pretty pleased to have this, as it's a product that I am sure I will use until it runs dry!  So far Birchbox is 3 for 3!
English Laundry: $90
I have no clue how much is actually in my little sample.  Ok, let me start out by pointing out the things I DO like about this product.  It's pink, I am finding myself to be more and more girlie and in touch with my feminine side lately.  So, I really enjoy "pretty".  It's kind of a coral pink rather than the "hot" pink it shows in my picture.  It's the perfect size to drop in my purse and to have "on the go".  While I DEFINITELY wouldn't spend $90 on a full size bottle for this, I will slowly enjoy using this product.  It is a tad strong for my liking, but will likely use it for special events I may one day have to attend.  Somewhere I want people to think I'm more grown-up than I actually really am.  So this is a somewhat neutral for me.  I'm not disappointed in it, but I'm not just thrilled to death!!  So I will say the score for this isn't a minus, but neither a plus.  So as of now it's Birchbox 3 out of 4.
LAQA & CO.: $18
This was probably the thing I was most excited to try (besides my fab Benefit Xtra liner).  Last month when I watched as everyone else get their boxes, I was super jealous that my I didn't receive either this no the Pixi balm.  Needless to say I was a tad over the moon that I was finally getting to try this.  Last night I sampled this "chubby lip pencil" and was satisfied.  I wasn't gaga as I thought I would be, but it's a good lip product.  It has a very strong minty smell and taste to it.  The taste isn't overwhelming, but it is significant enough to notice the flavor.  I might would like this a tad better if it had perhaps a different smell.  Just not crazy over mint.  Don't like peppermints, so this isn't a product I would use JUST for the smell.

I wasn't that impressed with the length of time before it wore off.  It literally didn't take but maybe an hour before I needed to reapply.  So it would score perhaps a two star on "long lasting".  Had it been in a different shade I would give this a four star.  However, it's in a shade in which I won't wear or will have to mix with another color.  Therefore I would give this a 3 star out of possible five.  I still consider this a score on Birchbox, because it is a product that I wanted and WILL use.  So for the month of June Birchbox scored 4 out of 5 on product selection.  I guess if I am considering my extra goody I got, then I would really have to score them a 5.  So bravo Birchbox and thank you for a most fabulous bag this month!!  It is VERY much appreciated!!

\Overall this was a fab month for me and Birchbox.  While I wasn't absolutely insanely wild over all the products, I was happy with the overall product selection.  One of the issues I had with last months box was the lack of balance to my box.  This month there was a definite balance to the box.  I received a body lotion, a skincare item, a perfume, shadow and then my lip pencil.  So a bit of everything.  I think that every box should have at least one of what I call the "fun items".  After all, a box full of nothing but shampoos or skincare items is a bit on the blah side.  It doesn't photograph well either.  

Thanks for reading my June Review of Birchbox!  If you aren't already a subscriber, I urge you to try today!  You can't beat the value.  For just $10 a month, it's less than what you would spend on any single full size item.  It's super fun to know that every month you have goodies coming to you and part of the fun is the discovery of what's in your box.  You can always peek, but I try really hard not to peek as that is part of the fun in it.  To sign up using my referral link, please see the side bar and look for Birchbox!  OF course, you are welcome to use ANY of the referral links!!!  

Sassy Gal

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