Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Memebox 7/31Special Deals!

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$23 + $6.99  Ships 3-5 Days after purchase!

So excited about this box!!  It's the first Memebox Collaboration Box!  It includes a primer, two lippy's and a cheek / lip balm, as well as a scrub AND a beautiful pink nail polish!  $30 isn't a bad price for all that you get in this box!  Not at all!!

 Get the Box!

This should be a good one.  They took all of the most liked items and are putting them into one box!!  I think this should definitely be a great box!!  I think this is like Superbox #500 LOL Just kidding, it's Superbox #52!  I think they've only been going at it since November, so they really are pushing these boxes out at an extremely high rate!  The COST of this box is:  $23 + $6.99 Shipping !  Grab it now! 

Special Referral ONLY Deals!

These deals are only good when you click a referral link (My links are referral links :) )
These boxes get you points back when you purchase ( I believe this is the last day they are good!)
POINTS = Dollars!

Clicking on the pictures takes you to the Referral Only List, where you can find ALL the boxes that you an receive points with purchase!  Spoil yourself!  We all deserve a little pampering!






Grab these deals while they are still good!!  August will bring a whole new set of deals!  So make sure to follow my blog, so you can stay up to date on any new boxes and specials!!


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