Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birchbox September Unboxed


Birchbox:  September 2014

Ok, so me and Birchbox we were like not seeing eye to eye for a couple of months...  I could not escape a little brand called Supergoop....  No matter which way I turned Birchbox seemed to want me to be well protected by the sun...

OK, so that's old news!!  Last month I was happy and I have to say that this month I was happy again. There were some other combinations I liked better...  But this was a pretty nice box!!


Perlier Lavender Hand Cream
Dr. Jart  Pore Minamlist Mask
Catherine Malandrino Perfume:  Smells really good
Liz Earle:  Polishing Kit (This was my sample choice pick!)
Cynthia Rowley Silver liner

So, I was pretty happy with the items in my September Birchbox!  I have tried everything minus the Liz Earle Polishing kit!  I definitely will make it a mission to try it ASAP.  I put the mask on one night and even posted a pic on Facebook, but deleted it quickly as it had the possibility to frighten small children.

The Cynthia Rowley liner really is a great liner, not wild about silver, but it might make a nice highlight color with a darker liner closest to my lashes.  The Perlier is a nice and thick cream lotion.  Overall, I
would score this a 4.5/5.  Birchbox seems to have been bringing in some fresh samples and that makes me happy.

For about three months it seemed the same samples were being in rotation.  

ANOTHER note...

I guess I won the Birchbloggers Chapstick prize since one day this showed up at my home  

what was in your birchbox

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