Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Memebox Unboxed: Cute Wishlist 2

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Memebox:  Cute Wishlist 2 Unboxed

Memebox:  Superbox #51  

Cute Wishlist #2

Memebox is a Korean beauty box company.  They have several different boxes available at any given time.  The boxes tend to be themed, except for the Memebox Global and the Memebox Lucky box.  Memebox Global is kinda like a monthly box, but it's not a recurring fee, you have to purchase them months in advance, and they sell out extremely quickly.  The Lucky boxes are a mishmosh of Global and past Superbox items.  The prices range from:  $23- $39 with an extra $6.99 shipping.  You can purchase value sets and the shipping will be just $6.99 PLUS you get express shipping.  

When purchasing a Memebox, be cognizant of the shipping dates.  They tend to not ship for a month or so after you purchase...  Sometimes you can find Ready-Ship boxes, and standard shipping can take anywhere from 10-30 days sometimes!  So, just be aware it's not for the impatient...


I have to admit that I was so extremely excited to get the Cute Wishlist 2, after having seen the Cute Wishlist 1 box.  That box was so incredibly CUTE.  They had these cute little cupcakes filled with skincare creams and they had these little lotions that were in the shape of like a Panda or Penguin, various little shapes...  Good quality packaging that you could reuse over and over and fill with different products when you were finished with the products that came inside....

SOOOOO.....  I had HIGH hopes for Cute Wishlist 2, then I saw the spoilers...  And I have to say, Memebox disappointed me with these items.  They don't scream, "OH how cute!", they are nice items, but not for a "cute" box...

Sally's Box:  Berry Berry Lip Patch
Sally's Box:  Berry Berry Lip Patch  RETAILS: $3

Sally's Box:  Berry Berry Lip Patch ($3)

This is the ONE item that I haven't yet tried...  So, I can't really tell you how it works.  I can tell you that, I have tried the Sally's Box masks in the past and they are really nice.  Of course, I'm super new to the mask thing...  So, I'm not an expert.  

So for cuteness..  This was a maybe 7 or an 8 on a cuteness scale, it IS cute, however it's a one-time use thing and then it's trashed and the cuteness evaporates....  So, it's kinda a miss for me.

It's Skin Petit Blusher:  Baby Rose
It's Skin Petit Blusher:  Baby Rose (Retails $7)

It's Skin Petit Blusher:  03 Baby Rose ($7)

Ok, so this isn't the first blusher I've received from Memebox, and I know it won't be the last.  The first time I got one, I purchased it in a Memebox swap group on Facebook and I loved it.  IT was so cute, there was this cute little powder puff....  Now it seems like I see the blushers everywhere and regardless of the brand they all have the same cute powder puff...  So it can get old..

It's cute though...  It is, it's probably the one item that truly says CUTE to me in the box.  It's a blush... So, I mean it works like a blush works....

Memebox:  Rose Mine Perfumed Hand Cream in Rose
Rose Mine Hand Cream:  $12

Rose Mine Hand Cream:  In Rose ($12)

Ok, so this to me is not cute AT ALL.  It's pretty, and it's feminine, but so not cute.  I am so baffled by who put this box together and if they got the box description / theme mixed up with a different theme...  

It's a nice hand cream though, it smells lovely.  It's a hand CREAM not a lotion, so it's a bit thick.  It's a super nice hand cream, just not cute.  But a lovely product. 

Vitamin Cleansing Dessert:  Red Wine
Vitamin Cleansing Dessert:  Red Wine ($18)

Vitamin Cleansing Dessert:  Red Wine ($18)

This is another product that I was literally scratching my head, wondering "Where's the CUTE?", it came in a cute little box, but that's it.  I guess that's what they called the cuteness factor.  But, unless your gonna keep it in it's box this product isn't cute at ALL.

Ok, so I tried this uncute product last night.  It's super thick, I don't know if you can see the picture really well but it's truly an extremely thick cleanser.  It's an ok cleanser, after using it my skin felt drier than normal.  I usually use an oil cleanser because my skin is so dry!  I might should stick to that and let my kids use this.  This says it's good for acne and impurities, so I'll let them give it a go...

Saint Peau:  Collagen Pudding Sleeping Pack
Saint Peau:  Collagen Pudding Sleeping Pack ($36)

Saint Peau:  Collagen Pudding Sleeping Pack ($36)

This is probably one of the "cutest" things in the box, thanks to the little piggy on the packaging.  I had given this to my mom over the weekend when she was visiting for my daughter's birthday...  Luckily she had forgotten it and so I got a chance to try it out.

I used this after having used the Vitamin Cleansing Dessert and my skin was feeling dry.  After I put this on and it had dried on, my skin was feeling pretty moisturized, I know that's not what the purpose was, but it's something I did notice.  The texture and look of this makes you realize why the put a pig face on it...  It looks like what you might would imagine to be the insides of a pig would look like all jiggly...  But, people have really been impressed with this so far!  So, we shall see. 

I didn't notice any miracle over night cure for my balloon eyelids, but it's nice.  My skin does look so much better after having been using all these skincare products I get!  Maybe I will reverse the signs of aging with this one!!

I would LOVE to know what you think of this box, do you think it was "Cute"?  I mean, honetly....

My YouTube Unboxing...

Please NOTE:  This literally was like the 20th time I had recorded it, I kept being interrupted, so I am looking a HOT mess at this point! :(  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my review and watch my video!  I hope you'll consider giving it a thumbs-up!

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  1. GREAT JOB! I love how you break down every product!

  2. Thanks! I attempt to try to break boxes down... Sometimes though, I can get in a bit of a rush and just don't have time or I've LOST the dang items LOL :(

  3. I have been wanting a meme box forever ...just have not got around to getting one yet... and yea I would have been pretty disappointed if I got it thinking it was like the last one! Not seeing too much cuteness!