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SassyHoldays: Gift Ideas Round-Up

SassyHolidays Gift Ideas: Round-Up Last Minute Gifts

SassyHolidays Santa Stops By

SassyHolidays Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

What a whirlwind the past two months have been.  We've had over 30 giveaways and even more fabulous gift ideas!  From BearPaw Boots to Duck Commander Family Bible, we've tried out some super fantabulous products to give you great gift ideas for this holiday season!

Yet, there are still some fabulous products that should be on your Gift Buying List.  Whether for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, here are some Last Minute Gift Ideas to inspire you this holiday season!

* Please Note:  This Post Contains Affiliate Links

PowerTek Light: 

PowerTek HeadLamp Light

on Amazon

PowerTek Headlamp:  Light On
The PowerTek has super BRIGHT LIGHTS!
The PowerTek Headlamp has been one of my husband's favorite SassyHoliday's Gift Idea's items that we've received this holiday season.  With it's super bright LED bulbs, seeing in the dark is no longer an issue.  I love that this light is great for when you need light, but need free hands to be able to do something.  This light has a few different settings.  
  • Three Settings: Low, Medium, High to adjust brightness
  • Two Red LED lights for tasks such as reading or night vision
  • A Red Strobe Light to ensure your seen by others
  • Extremely Lightweight at 3 oz
PowerTek HeadLamp:  Red LED lights
Red LED task lights: Great for Reading or Night Vision!
My husband has thoroughly enjoyed having this light, and has used it quite often.  From having to work on the car to roaming through the closet in search of stuff to having our power go out, this little light has become a most welcome addition to our home this holiday season!


Have a Death Wish?

Death Wish Coffee: Part of SassyHolidays Gift Ideas
If you don't have a death wish now, you will when you try this coffee!

Death Wish Coffee 16 ounce bag

on Amazon

Death Wish Coffee:  16 ounce bag

If you are like myself and probably millions of other Americans, your brain just doesn't function until you've had at least ONE cup of joe in the morning to give you a "pick me up".  Well, I have had coffee and then I've had Death Wish Coffee...

Death Wish Coffee hands down is the strongest cup of coffee I've drank, in a long time.  Besides the super adorable packaging, it lives up to the hype.  Their coffee has double the amount of caffeine that a regular cup of coffee has, so if you are needing a huge caffeine rush, this is definitely the coffee for you!

Just about anyone on your Christmas buying list would appreciate a good, strong cup of coffee, I'm sure!  Making it a great product for SassyHolidays Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Christmas Weight Got You Down??

Gurin High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale
on Amazon
During the holidays, we ALL tend to add a few extra unwanted pounds to our waistline.  What would a REAL Christmas be without a few extra inches??  But, we definitely don't want those pounds to become a permanent fixture to our bodies.  So, ENJOY your holiday feasts, but after it's all said and done, then you need to be looking ahead to working that weight off!

Gurin Digital Scale

This digital scale made by the folks at Gurin, is exactly the thing you need to get ready for that POST-Christmas workout!  This scale includes just about everything you need to monitor your progress to busting those Christmas pounds (Motivation not included).  It even has a handy tape measure so you can watch the inches fly away!

(Batteries ARE included)

What more could you need???

A NEW WaterProof Speaker!!!

Liztek Waterproof SpeakerWhether your wanting to "Sing in the Shower" or have some "Feel Good" music to dance to while your working on shedding those unwanted Christmas pounds a new wireless speaker would make a fab new addition to your home!

This Liztek waterproof speaker is made to go with you wherever your heart may desire to listen to music / or talk on the phone!  With it's bluetooth capability you can be completely wireless.

The Fast Forward and Rewind buttons also double as your volume control button, by pressing them down for an extended amount of time.  This speaker can also be used to make phonecalls as well!  So, it's a kinda "ALL IN ONE" speaker.

Now, I'm going to tell you it doesn't put out the BEST sound, and I couldn't get it to stick to my shower wall, I DID get it to stick to the step on my bathtub.  But, if you are enjoy listening to music in the bathroom or near a pool this is definitely a speaker I'd recommend.  I dropped this in a tub full of water and it kept right on playing music!  Granted, it wasn't submerged for a very long period, but I was still impressed that it took a licking and kept on ticking...

Announcing a new series:

**  I received one or more of these items for review purposes.  
However, my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own!

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