Monday, December 8, 2014

The Game Chef Bundle Giveaway Part of #TisTheSeason Giveaway Hop!


A SassyHolidays Giveaway
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Crank up the FUN factor with these fun Party Games from Game Chef!

Family Fun with Rollick:

SassyHolidays: The Game Chef's Rollick & Long Story Short
Fabulous Gift Ideas!  Rollick & Long Story Short will liven up ANY party!

Not long ago I did a review on the party game: Rollick!  However, when I had done that review, I hadn't actually had the opportunity to play the game as originally intended. 
Michelle (my sister) and her son Matthew.....  acting out something..???
THE CORRECT way to play Rollick:

Break into TWO teams...

Each round you have ONE guesser.  The rest of the team acts out the clues for the guesser.  Someone from the other team holds the cards up for the "team" to see and act out...  You can have ONE pass per round.  

Charades with a TWIST:

Rollick is essentially a game of charades except that you have a TEAM of actors versus just one actor.  Having played this both with just one actor and then with a team of actors, I can tell you it is definitely more fun with a team!  Just recently during Thanksgiving we broke out Rollick and it helped to ease some of tension that family holiday's can bring on!  It had us all DYING with laughter!!


Fun with the Family

Me trying to "Act Out" a "Tuba"

Maybe "Volleyball"??

Roger is the Guesser
The Guesser here is my step-dad (blue shirt)

I think DRUNK was the clue....  Callie is the GUESSER

Rollick will have you doing all kinds of crazy things...

Purchase Rollick!

Can't wait??  Purchase Rollick today and get your parties cranked with laughter!!  

Rollick on Amazon

 Long Story (Short)

The game that takes Storytelling to new heights...  Is it truth or is it FALSE??  Bring your family together with this fun game!
Long Story Short: A game from the folks at The Game Chef
We've not had a chance to play this yet, but be looking out for a review to come to SassyGalBeauty, shortly!!

About the Game:

Players: 4-8
Teaches Social Media Skills
Turn stories into Headlines, tweets, Comic Strips, etc...
Encourages Quick Thinking and Creativity!

Purchase Long Story (Short) on Amazon:

Giveaway TIME:

OK So what you ALL really came for..... 

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  1. Our favorite game is Scrabble :)

  2. Hey!! I took the birthdate off, if u can see if it will work for you!

  3. Yay! Thank you! It totally works now :) Idk what it's problem was, my birthdate usually works to enter your giveaways..now I just have to WIN one!

  4. Our favorite family game is Uno!

  5. My favorite game is monopoly, I love to play with my Grand-kids.

  6. At this time, Mouse Trap is our favorite for family game night (not my personal favorite, but my son's and that's what counts). ;)