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Let's Get Physical: Accessories to Get Your Blood Pumping

Let's Get Physical: Suddora Pink Ribbon Sweatbands

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Suddora: Pink Ribbon Sweatbands

Who is Suddora???

From sports bras to mouth gear to sweatbands and just about everything in between, Suddora provides their customers the accessories that they need to get active.  They strive to provide their customer's with high quality atheletic merchandise.

Whether your purchasing for yourself or for a huge GROUP they have really reasonable prices.  They offer bulk pricing and same day shipping!!

Getting Physical:

So, my daughter and I put our sweatbands on and proceeded to do our own version of  a workout video to "Eye of the Tiger".  I uploaded the video and it was flagged for using the song :(  So, I can't upload it here to show you these in action.

But, needless to say that wearing these truly did get us in the spirit of working out and wanting to get up and move.  Something about these sweatbands just make you want to dance (our form of exercising!).


The quality of these sweatbands were surpsingly really nice.  I've had sweatbands before and they just felt very cheaply made, yet these truly feel as if they have been made with quality materials and are going to outlast.  They are gorgeous and I still like grabbing them and putting them on whenever the mood strikes!

Let's Get Physical: Products to get you MOVING


If your looking instead for a more customized option, then CustomOnIt is where you need to go!  They offer a variety of prodcuts that can be customized to your specifications!

In our "work-out" video, this is actually what I was wearing.  This is a great option for those who are looking for a product to have their own logo emblazoned on stuff!

Options, Options, Options...

Whether your looking for sweatbands or something else to have customized, CustomOnIt probably has whatever it is that you are looking for.  With items ranging from wearables to toys to business products, there's a product for whatever your needs!  


The headband that I received seems to be a great product.  I actually am using it as a headband for when I put my make-up on!  I have another headband, but it's more cutesy and I really don't want to get my makeup all over it, so this is perfect for that!  

However, it truly is a nice product!  If you are looking for wearables than they have a huge range of options from sunglasses to ponchos to bandanas and flip-flops!

A Workout For Your ARM:

Gyro Force Ball

Gyro Force Ball
 So, this is the most awkward review I've ever done.  I actually cannot leave a review for this item, because I cannot figure out how to work this thing.  The product information isn't available to even tell you much about it.

What I do know is this:

There's a little ball on the inside, there's a little string that you use to attach around the ball and your supposed to be able to make the inside ball spin and at the same time work out your arm.  I actually watched a guy's Amazon Review on this, but I for the life of me could not make it work.

I am not very coordinated though.  I had my son and his friend try it out and I believe that the friend was able to get it to work, not anywhere near what the guy in the video was doing though.
Gyro Force Ball

Gyro Force Ball
Gyro Force Ball:  This is where the string is supposed to go....

For AFTER Getting Physical......

Chef Necessities Tea Infuser

For many Americans, a nice cup of hot tea is a special treat.  Tea drinking is of course a part of life in places such as Europe.  I'm from the south and so drinking tea for us consists of grabbing our cold sweet tea out of the fridge and pouring over ice.  That's what tea drinking is to me.

However, I know that this isn't the case with everyone.  So, for those of you who prefer a nice hot cup of tea versus "Iced tea" or a "cup of joe", then this is a great little device for you.

It allows you to brew fresh tea with each cup you drink.  Simply put loose tea grinds inside the "tea infuser" and then place in your hot cup of water and you have yourself a nice hot tea (I'm guessing here....  ).  This actually was a gift for my mother-in-law who loves her chai tea!  So, I'm sure she's going to be tickled pink when she has this cute little gift set !

I really like the little compartment that they have for you to place the little infuser part inside when not in use!  It should eliminate quite a bit of mess!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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