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UNwired: RiF6 Wireless Headphones

RiF6 Wireless Headphones
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RiF6 Wireless Headphones: Fun for the Family

RiF6 Wireless Headphones:

Just The Facts:

  • 2.4 GhZ Wireless Technology
  • Comes with Rechargeable Batteries
  • Docking Stand Doubles as a Charger and Wireless station
  • Connect to any Audio Out Plug
  • Transmits up to 100 Ft. away from Stand
  • Cushioned Headphones = Comfort
  • Easy Access Volume Buttons on Headphones
  • RiF6 Back View
    RiF6 Easy Set-Up
  • Fully Charged: Batteries last up to 20 hours

My Thoughts

I am in love with these headphones!  For starters, they were super easy to set-up.  They fit great, the cushions attahed to the ear part, is super cozy and they also feature a cushion along the head portion, which I've never seen before on a set of headphones.  The look of them remind me of the 80's, but the technology makes them a great option for today.

The sound is clear and crisp!  I like that they feature volume controls ON the headphones themselves, so you don't have to go and find your device to turn the volume up or down.  The coolest thing about these, if you have a TV set that features an audio plug for headphones you can connect the base to your TV and use these with your television and if you're like me you have a partner who lives for watching TV!  It can truly keep you from fighting over the volume of the TV, keeping both you and your partner or children happy.

Easy Set-Up

RiF6 Wireless Headphones: Easy Install When you first get these headphones, to install the AAA batteries that come WITH the headphones, you simply rotate the left earbud on the headphone where you will find the battery compartment (it literally is a slight turn and you can pop it off).  You plug the transmitter/ or docking stand to a power source and connect the audio plugs into an audio outlet.  They recommend that the first charge, you charge your headphones for 6 hours prior to use.

Once charged, it's really as easy as making sure you've connected the stand to an audio source (TV, iPod, smartphone, etc.) and push the power button on the headphones once the light on your headphones turns from red to green you know your "connected" and you'll be able to enjoy your music wirelessly.

Callie with the RiF6 Wireless HeadphonesSadly, after getting these I realized that the audio plug on our TV was messed up and so I'll be getting a new TV so that I can fully enjoy the capabilities that these headphones will give us.  They still are great for moving around freely to clean house and listen to music and not drive my kids crazy with the music I love and that they thing is "Old".

I definitely recommend these for those of you who are looking for headphones to use while playing video games or watching TV while not disturbing others.  They are a great pair of headphones for those uses as well as listening to music!  

If your from my generation, it'll definitely take you back to the days of Culture Club, Michael Jackson, Madonna, where neon colors were cool, shoulder pads were a fashion statement and teased hair was the "Cool" thing.  Yet, with it's technology it's something your kids will enjoy using as well!  They definitely are a great alternative to some of those higher priced headphones (That don't even have the wireless capability!).

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