Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MEMEBOX: Neverending SAGA

Your box is stuck in customs....

When we use our money:  Our credit cards, our checks, our Paypal for goods and services over the internet, we have a natural born expectation to receive the products for which we are paying for.  On the Memebox website it states that shipping can take anywhere from 14-22 days.  I am now at day 22 / 25 since I ordered.  

I have emailed them.  They keep telling me that my box which is showing in their EMS system as having being delivered in Seocho on 8/7 is stuck in customs.  If this is the case, please PLEASE explain to me how it can show as being delivery complete in Seocho, and yet still be stuck in customs.  One would assume there was some issue with my package and that Memebox was sent the box back.  I don't know.  I don't know who has my box or where it is.  All I know is this:  I am not in Seocho, I am in Alabama which is a state in the United States of America. 

They have now blocked me from their Memebox Page on Facebook.  I never even did anything but ask WHERE my box was.  Someone did post a link to my blog where I have stated the issues I am having. 

If we can't trust a company to make good on mistakes made when they have our money, how can we continue to do business with these people?  I spent $200 on Memebox THIS WEEK alone!  Yet, they are unwilling to either: RESHIP my box OR REFUND my money.

One of the boxes purchased was the Daily Dose.  It's Wed., I ordered this box on Thursday or Friday of last week and never received an email with tracking.  I emailed asking when my box would ship, they replied with a link to their shipping dates of their boxes instead of a tracking number.  

I can only hope my credit card is easier to get my money back from!  I honestly feel violated and my faith and trust in big companies like Memebox has evaporated.  Had this been a US company, I'm certain that I would have had more than my refund.  Most US companies know the important of customer relations and understand the business factor of Future Earnings from even one customer.

Clearly, Koreans feel they are so above us and that they can use us stupid AMERICANS as a way to just line their pockets without addressing ANY of our problems.  They don't fix anything.

MEMEBOX, all I wanted was my box.  That's it.  If you could have just said, Please let us look into this issue for you or explained to me how a box that is stuck in customs can show up on tracking as "delivery complete".

Trust Broken.  I feel so dirty and violated and ripped off.  I love Memebox all I wanted was answers.  

PLEASE help me get answers.  If I can get enough folks to share this post on Google Plus, I am hoping that maybe, just maybe I might be able to get answers.  These folks have a lot of my money!  Please help me.

#wheresmybox #memeboxdramasaga 

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