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Ball Couture Golf Balls Review / GIVEAWAY

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Ball Couture

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Taking Care of YOU:

Ok, so I am going to go ahead and admit, I DO NOT play golf.  However, I am a lover of pretty things...  When I was on Twitter one day, I saw a picture of some adorable golf balls and I thought they would make such a spectacular gift for a woman who loves golf!  

I think that it's so important for us as women to truly indulge in our "feminine side" and to do things for ourselves.  So often, we are so busy taking care of everyone around us that we tend to neglect ourselves.  It's so important to make time for yourself and do things that truly can give you some "me" time.  It helps you to recharge your batteries.  

Ball Couture:

Ball Couture:  Where Golf and Fashion Meet

So, these are some absolutely GORGEOUS balls!  However, they are ALSO functional golf balls.  

Ball Couture Facts:

Product Description Taken from Ball Couture's Site: 

Golf for a woman
♥ You aspire to be the best golfer you can be. Ball Couture will help you reach your full potential. It is a high performance, fashion forward, fun to play golf ball designed for the stylish player.
♥ Ball Couture is engineered to benefit a woman's club head speed
♥ Delivering soft feel and long distance with a colorful contemporary appearance.

The Soft, lightweight, low compression, high resilient Nd-Br core benefits beginner to expert alike. The Icosahedral 332-dimple pattern improves aerodynamics and flight stability. The HPC outer cover provides durability and excellent spin.
  • Soft Feel & Increased accuracy
  • Better visibility in the air & on the course
  • High trajectory & outstanding distance
  • Quicker search time & faster speed of play
  • Conforms with USGA and R&A rules

Ball Couture:  Bright colors
Bright and Bold Colors:  Great for Visibility!

 My Thoughts:

I can't review them from a golfer's perspective.  I can, however, tell you my thoughts on them as a woman who loves gorgeous things.

I think that if you are a woman who loves to play golf, these are definitely a MUST-HAVE item!  It marries a love of the game with your more "feminine side".  I truly admire Ball Couture for thinking of a woman's love for pretty things and wanting to also provide a ball that could be 100% functional.  I like the use of the bright colors, I think it would be great on a golf course so that you can easily find your balls!  

Overall, these are such a cute and unique gift idea.  I absolutely adore these balls!  They make a great gift for the lady golfer in your life!!! 

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