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July Starbox: Starlooks Subscription Review

Starlooks Starbox: July
July Starlooks Starbox
** Please Note:  
I received a complimentary box for my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was in no way further compensated outside the Free Box.  

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What it is:

 Starbox is a monthly subscription service from the Starlooks Cosmetics company.  The cost is $12/ monthly.  Subscribers have the opportunity to customize their boxes each month with three different products in addition, they also get to choose three gift cards to various online businesses

August Starbox

This was my first time receiving a box from Starlooks and I was really excited, although I was quite certain what to expect.

Make Your Picks

By the 10th of every month, subscribers have the opportunity to choose their three products PLUS their three gift cards...  (You also could opt to be surprised every month)

My August Picks- Starlooks Starbox

So, right away I was extremely thrilled when I actually received the items I had chosen.  There have been other subscriptions where I unfortunately chose items and received the wrong things.  So, it's great to get what you want!  So, A +++ for the "My Picks" portion of the subscription.

THE Products....

Tender Gloss Lipstick in "Pooh Bear"- FULL SIZED $16 RV

Starlooks Tender Gloss Lipstick: Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear "Tender Gloss Lipstick"
So, I wasn't all that wild about the color of this.  I love a good "coral", but this seems more of a burnt orange.  Although the forumla seemed to be extremely hydrating and moisturizing, so I would likely choose another "Tender Gloss" from Starlooks, however I am just a NO GO with this particular color.

Pooh Bear- Swatched (Starlooks Tender Gloss)
Pooh Bear- Swatched (Starlooks Tender Gloss)

Rose Gold Blush- RV $14.50

This is actually so much prettier in person.  This isn't a "Full size", but what they call a "Perfect size" blush.  I really am pleased with the color and the texture of this blush.  It went on smoothly and looked absolutely gorgeous.  A great light color blush for just a hint of color...

Rose Gold Blush by Starlooks
Rose Gold Blush by Starlooks 

Swatched Rose Gold Blush by Starlooks
Swatched: Rose Gold Blush by Starlooks 

Liquid "High Life" Liquid Illuminator - $10.50

Liquid "High Life" Liquid Illuminator - $10.50

Liquid "High Life" Liquid Illuminator - $10.50

I think this is a really pretty highlighter.  I currently have a couple of highlighters that I use on a regular basis, so this would be perfect to throw in my purse to have when I'm traveling (I have to have a "Glow").  It's absolutely the perfect amount of sheen / sparkle.

Liquid "High Life" Liquid Illuminator - $10.50

Liquid "High Life" Liquid Illuminator - $10.50

My GiftCard Picks:

So, as I mentioned before, I was able to choose three giftcards.  I picked two of the Starlooks options because I was afraid the other options wouldn't be enough to cover one item.  And....  I think I was right. 

Starbox Giftcard Options

So, I can't remember all of the available options.  I know that most of the choices seemed to be high end companies and I was afraid I wouldn't have enough on my GC to purchase items from those sites, so I chose two Starlooks GC, thinking I would at least be able to pick something with the available amount given.

I received: $20 Starlooks, $20 Scheana Marie Starline Starlooks GC, and a $25 Stand West Gift Card.

I WAS able to grab a couple items from both Starlooks Giftcards, however the Stand West the minimum item was $65 and I really wasn't looking to spend $40 on anything they had to offer so that gift card was a HUGE bust for me...

Bali Bronzer, Fuzzy Navel Lipstick
Fuzzy Navel lipstick & Bali Bronzer

Overall Thoughts on Starbox

I have to say, for $12 a month, you DEFINITELY get your money's worth.  My items that I received (not counting GiftCards) in the box totaled: $41 

Add to that the items I chose from my Giftcard, $15 (Fuzzy Navel lipstick) PLUS $20 (Bali Bronzer)


Total Value: $76 

Plus, don't forget I had a $25 giftcard I didn't even use!  So, it would have been an over $100 value had I chosen to use that.  The products were pretty decent.  I've tried better, but these definitely aren't just cheap beauty items.  They are nice quality products!  

I look forward to getting my August Box!!

Get your own!

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