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Ohuhu Quadcopter Drone: A #HolidayGiftGuide2015 Gift Idea

Ohuhu Quadcopter Drone
Quadcopter Drone by Ohuhu

Ohuhu Quadcopter Drone:

A SassyHolidays Gift Idea:
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Where to Buy:  Amazon

Price:  $59.99

Product Description:  (From Amazon Site)

  • Built-in 6 axis gyro - precise positioning and hovering; 4 channel design - more stable, flexible and rapid flying.
  • Crashworthy and wind-resistant - which can be field indoor or outdoor.
  • Up/down, left/turn right, forward/backward /sideward with 360 degree eversion.
  • Modular design structure makes it easy to install and replace parts.
  • Supports headless mode operation, 360 degree 3D eversion, throwing flight, real-time video and photo taking.
  • Comes with a 2GB SD card

See it in Action:

My Thoughts:

I cannot convey to you how excited my husband was when he discovered that I was going to have the opportunity to test out this drone.  I mean, I'm sure that 99% of the men and teen boys in the US would die to have a Drone.  That's why I decided this would be a great gift for a multiple of categories!  Of course, I'm sure that there are a bunch of women who would enjoy this as well!!

Inside the Box:

Ohuhu QuadCopter: Includes: 2GB SD Card
Ohuhu QuadCopter: Includes: 2GB SD Card
Ohuhu Controller for Ohuhu Quadcopter Drone
Remote Controller


We've truly had the best time playing with this quadcopter!  It's been so much fun!  We've had airplanes & helicopters in the past and had major issues with trying to keep it steady and to balance it but didn't experience any of those issues with this!

The Pros:

  • Super fun!
  • The quadcopter is extremely stable (more details later)
  • It runs extremely smoothly
  • Features a camera (2.0) for pictures or video!
  • VERY lightweight
  • Has shields to protect the wings
  • Affordable!!  Under $100 (These things can go into the thousands)
  • Can flip mid-air!!

Battery Time

There is only one con.  That's the flying time.  The battery only allows for a maximum fly time of 7 minutes.  Charging takes up to 90 - 100 minutes

However, I've been searching for batteries to see if it was possible to purchase a higher battery for the copter and it appears that the ones featured with this Ohuhu Quad is one of the highest mAH that is sold.  The Ohuhu features a 600 mAH and the largest I could find on Amazon was 650.  

The batteries tend to be sold in multi-packs.  So, I asssume that the battery life is a common problem and that's why they sell so many in sets.  The work-around is to make certain to have enough batteries on hand so that you can be prepared if you are planning on spending a large amount of time flying.

To Purchase the Ohuhu QuadCopter:

My Rating:

5/5 Stars

See it in Action:

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  1. How fun! My husband actually mentioned that he wanted a drone, but I thought they were all too pricey. This one's actually affordable. I bet he'd love this!